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How To Design Rooms Without Windows

Hi, my dear friends. How are you, today I want to ask you can I celebrate? Why?! Because, yesterday I have 493 views on my page after 2 months, but today I have 605 views. So, today I decided to write about: “How To Design Rooms Without Windows”.

I’m so proud of my blog and thank you so much because you read my little treasure.

I get a lot of ideas from you my dear friends, what you want to read, and how I can help you with my little work full tips and tricks.

Question 1: How To Design Rooms Without Windows?

I do have a few easy ideas to amp up the brightness factor for rooms without windows.

Even if you have just a few openings to the outside world, consider adding these few simple.

Tip 1: Paint It White- You can paint your room in white color or just need to paint in a light color.

Because, light tone of color doing something special for you and your room. First, your room looks more clean and larger space visually.

Tip 1: How To Design Rooms Without Windows just paint in white color or light color

Tip 2: Mirrors– Adding a large mirror to your wall is one of the first ways to simulate the effect of a window.

You can make in a room that does not have a window next. This is one of the best tips from famous interior designers but through my vision. In a room that does not have a window, you can invent and create your own window.

Surely, you’re already wondering how that is possible. Well, my dear ones, of course, today, with the help of imagination, you can do whatever comes to mind.

Make a window in 4 steps just on my way, it’s easy-peasy.

Step 1: That is, order glassworkers to make you several pieces of mirror in the sizes otherwise provided for the windows.

When you get the mirror dimension that you ordered to be made, buy curtains for your “window”.

Second step: Choose where the window or mirror will be in the dimensions of the space, place the mirror.

Step 3: Purchase curtains for your window and place sideboards above your “window”

Finally step 4: Now it’s your turn to place your mirror and drill holes in the garnish above it, install a mirror, place curtains or screens. One, two, tree your window is ready.

How To Design Rooms Without Windows, solutions for windowless

Tip 3: Big Smart Art– When choosing art, posters or wall decoration for rooms without windows, go really big for more magic to enlarge the feeling of small, gloomy rooms. 

Tip 4: Hang twinkle lights in fun formations in the room.

Twinkle lights are a great way to direct attention to the focal point of the room you are decorating. Plus, they add a whole new level of ambiance to a room at night.

Hang twinkle lights in the room.

Tip 5: Là French Doors ( I love this fresh doors, I feel like I’m in Paris and walk around ah… Paris, Paris).

By installing the architectural beauty of French doors.

You get the added plus of a fancy fake doorway along with an extra design bonus of the panes of glass on the doors to reflect light and brighten up your room. 

Idea how to get bigger room.How To Design Rooms Without Windows

Tip 6: Hidden Lights hm, sounds great. How doesn’t love lights? If I were to ask, my room would be full of light. Here is some example.

Hidden lights.

You can easily put hidden lights.

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