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How to design Provencal style in your home in 2021

Hello, my friends, today is so sunny and I think why not write about the amazing bedding from French design. Yes, today I decided to write about how to design a Provencal style in your home for 2021. Have you ever heard of this luxurious style the French way ?! No, oh, now you can find out more great information about this amazing interior style. I received recommendations for this style from my dear friend Leo from Novi Sad, who now lives near France. Her Instagram account is @astro_lea, so be sure to follow her.

Learn more about Provencal style for your home in 2021

The style got its name in honor of the eponymous region in the south of France, famous for its picturesque seascapes, heady flower aromas, whitewashed streets, and savory cuisine. Inspired by local beauties and measured village life, they arranged their new homes in a simple, but at the same time elegant way.

This style is something that is farmhouse style in the world, only with those French details. Which gives it uniqueness and ‘that something that we want in our home. And it’s certainly good energy and a magnificent design that we all envy. This style is full of details, which are carved in wood in which there can also be gold details.

How can you recognize this beautiful style?

  • Bright colors predominate. These are the colors of lavender, white, light yellow, turquoise, light blue, cream, beige, light brown;
  • Bright rooms with large wooden windows, most often with white frames;
  • Light curtains, tablecloths, rugged blankets, rugs, mostly handmade;
  • Forged elements – mirror frames, clocks, railings on the stairs with special carved details;
  • Special attention in this style is given to this floral arrangement, porcelain jugs,and more;
  • Large windows, central chandeliers with many lamps, floor lamps with shades of light colors. With interesting decor on the lamps in the bedrooms.
How to design Provencal style

French Provence in modern interiors is characterized by an abundance of light and warm, natural shades. What I especially want to emphasize is that this style is increasingly popular around the world. It is often combined with modern style in apartments. In France, almost every home is a combination of this style and someone else.

If you want to learn more about the beautiful French style, as well as why it is so ideal for your home. I definitely invite you to click here after this article and experience inspiration. An inspiration that only a few can experience, and that is certainly you. In this country-style, predominantly peaceful, pastel, sunburnt colors are used. The main colors of the Provence style are soft.
How to design Provencal style

Stucco is the main way of wall decoration within Provence style. With the help of textured stucco, you can achieve the desired effect in a modern apartment or house.

In this style, when it comes to the bathroom, they are mostly beautiful fragrant bathrooms. In which next to the sink you always have a vase with a flower, or a lavender flower or a rose. Bathrooms with bathtubs, or a combination of both bathtubs and walk-in showers, predominate.

What about the amazing terraces and the relaxation area?

And now about the best part. These gardens and terraces in this Provence style are enchanting. It is enough that when you see them in the picture you want to be there, sit and drink tea or some good wine.

Such terraces with pools, you can mostly find in the vicinity of France. You can find it especially in their castles, which are a special attraction that I will write about with great joy. Greenery predominates, and beautiful flowers and pampas, a combination that soothes with light music and bird wormhole. You tell me, is there anything better than this style?

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