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How to design kids room for this year

Good morning my dear friends today I’ll write about amazing and hopefully topic this morning. It would be a surprise for pregnant moms and moms with older kids. You know already it is: ” How to design kids’ room for this year” But it’s for 0-5 years and from 5 to 10 years old. This is so great, so don’t waste time let’s start.

The best design for kids room if you have 0-5 years

If you already have babies and kids to 5 years old, I will show you how to design room just for them. It would be room great for both girls and boys.

I have a great idea for your kids, so let’s start. If you have kids from 0 to 5 years old you can design your place in any color you like. I prefer two great colors for your kids. These colors would be pastel blue color and pastel yellow-beige colors. Why, because you can put a sticker lamp on the wall in stars design and clouds. It’s so amazing and so wonderful. I have tears in my eyes. 😀

How to design kids room
Picture from @interiors_dd

This is how to look like a universal room for babies and 5 years kids. Oh, my dear, I want this room too. I love it.

How to design kids room

You must choose the simple furniture for your babies and very secure. Why you know every baby want to know what it is this colourful toy down on the carpet. I want that toy right here in my bed. Hehe, this is what I always think when a baby wants some toy. This idea with stars and clouds lamp on the wall it’s magic and great for any babies.

Which sofas to buy for you in the kids room?

Look always soft and very comfortable chair sofas, because the baby feels when his mom does not sit comfortably and babies go to cry. I read somewhere about that interesting science report.


When you searching or google this idea it looks very easy, but it’s not. And it’s harder than when you decided to design for example your bedroom or your living room. Why? Because kids have great Ideas and great imagination about how rooms must look.

How to design kids room
How to design kids room

If your kid’s feel like prince and princess, for the wish to be fulfilled or realized. Make a wardrobe look like a castle on the outside, you can even design it with your kids. 

For example, you take larger styrofoam to draw a castle and paste it and then paint it in the color your child loves.

How to design kids room

If you want to learn more and get great ideas for your juniors click here.


So, as I said already for a better atmosphere it is great. If your kids grow up in the best atmosphere room. Because it’s very important according to Science research. Kids brain (I mean kids from 0-4 years) registration colors and smells than other things. I know that because some of my friends have kids. And said to me it’s very important when you have more colors in there’s room.

Just as I said colors are very important. Colors for a better atmosphere are olive pastel green, Ice cube grey, gold edges, baby blue, and baby pink color.

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