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How to design in 5 steps living room very easy

Good morning my dear friends, I want to share with you a very easy 5 ways how you can design your living room. Yeah, it’s very easy to do. Here I will share with you how I designed the client’s living room with great details. So, if you want to read this amazing article prepare blank paper and pen to write these tips and tricks. Today my title is how to design in 5 steps living room very easy! Sounds very interesting, so let’s start.

So, what is the first step in the client’s living room that I did!

How to design in 5 steps
How to design in 5 steps

The first step in this space I did was to orient myself from where the light should come from. Of course, it is very difficult to determine where to place the windows. You know, it may seem simple when you look at it, but it’s not.

The first step: In this case, I chose to have a corner window here. This will make the small space look bigger than it is. Here’s what I mean.

This is L shaped corner window, it’s the best solution if you have a small room like this.

The next step was certainly to choose the appropriate colors of both parquet and wall color. As for the color of the walls, sometimes before that you have to choose a slightly lighter shade because of the light and the windows. Just like I chose the peach color.

It is important to rotate the wall located diagonally from the light source (window). Of course, for all this, you need to make a mood board that will be your best map for arranging the living room.

How to design in 5 steps

The next or third step is to choose the appropriate furniture and decoration. I wanted to make a little contrast that will “revive” this space and allow everyone in it to be happy. The walls where the TV chest of drawers is located are dirty pink. Next to the peach-colored wall, I placed furniture or a corner set of baby blue. Below is a list of decorations that are located and where you can buy them.

  • Blue corner sofa L shaped;
  • The marble table in combination with brass is definitely a table that will give this room a special touch;
  • Stools in beige color that go well with the color of the walls and other furniture;
  • A rug that has wonderful patterns of yellow and navy blue, and gray in itself. Definitely a great copy that goes well with the rest of the decoration;
  • There’s a television chest of drawers, but more for the little details;
  • Due to the construction of the room, I decided to hang the TV on the wall. The law does not take up space but makes the space wider and more functional;
  • Certainly, there is also a certain curtain on the longer part of the corner window, and the free part remains for the floral decor;
  • And of course, to combine everything, there are beautiful pictures on the wall.
How to design in 5 steps
This beautiful chest of drawers is great with wood details and gold details. You already know that this is a semi-open concept that connects the living room with the kitchen, so you can see a little bit of the refrigerator. Hehe, since it’s a smaller room I set up two medium-sized philodendrons. It is great for decor but also for air filtration.
How to design in 5 steps
If you have already forgotten, or have not read about the arrangement of the kitchen with dining room, be sure to click here!

I have to state that this table you see in the picture is actually a model of a table from Kare. Which is best for any living room.

The photo above is from the beautiful Kare salon in Sarajevo. And of course, this is called the Golden Corner probably already and you guessed why! Follow this amazing salon in Sarajevo on Instagram @kare_sarajevo

This coffee table is compatible so you can fold it into the white part. So you have two tables at every opportunity. If you love to read something like this one article, visit my other articles hereDon’t forget to send me an email if you have interesting ideas on And find me on Instagram @mr.leohodzic

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