How to design garden storage shed with sunroom in 2020

Good morning my dear friends, today I will write to you very great content. I received an email to write about how to design a garden storage shed with the sunroom together because we want to save money. So, I decided to dedicate this article to this topic. So let’s go.

What is a garden shed and how to build it for $ 200?

Hi, as I stated in the very title of today’s very interesting topic today I am writing about how to have a sunroom along with a garden shed. And to save a lot of money. Probably wondering if such a thing is possible?

How to design garden storage
How to design garden storage

Of course, it is possible. You just need to do the following:

  • Choose a place in your garden that is reached by a large amount of sunlight;
  • Make it a space on a piece of your garden the size of 5 to 10 square feet;
  • Make it a natural material of course wood because it is healthier for you and your plants;
  • Do not build a garden store from PVC. It’s not healthy, and believe me when the strong sun heats up, it can catch fire 🙁 We don’t want that regardless of the price.
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Now that I have briefly explained how you need to arrange your garden storage. It’s time to deal with the color of the pantry and the rest of the garden.

What color to choose for the garden storage?

People always choose two colors for this garden storage. These two colors are Green and White. But, because now it’s 21. the century you can choose other colors and paint just like you feel inside your brain. Be your designer and play with your family and friends.

Here you can choose nice colors for your garden storage
How to design garden storage

When you have arranged all this, and place your flowers and garden tools in your storage. Now it’s time to place a nice stone path around your house. Plant grass, or simply buy artificial grass and place it in your yard. Then plant a lot of beautiful flowers and enjoy the beautiful garden with coffee and a cake with your loved ones.

How to design garden storage
How to design garden storage

Also, if you want to design your own sunroom, you just need to click here and grab your paper and pen. But, if you want to design your backyard here is great ideas on my page, you can visit here.

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