How to design Bedrooms in Boho style for this summer

Good morning, my dear friends how are you?! I want to ask you can post down below in comment where are you from?! I want to know where are my dear readers from? So, let’s back on today’s theme. Today I’ll write about how to design Bedrooms in Boho style? This Friday I get an email this question: ” Hey, Leo can you write about Boho style?”

What is Boho style, where is from?

Bohemian or Boho decorating is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see. I m one of them, who really love Boho style and decorations in this style. This style is exactly for your bedrooms because you need a place to relax. After a hard work day this is it.

Somewhere I heard this: “Boho style is for people who’s life alone” I don’t know why, but maybe someone thinks this. Boho style is for small space bedrooms.

design Bedrooms in Boho style
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What is my think about Boho style? Do you want to hear because I’m an interior designer, you pay me to write this and to design this in your home. So, I think Boho is the best style if you want to relax your body and soul from other bad negative things.

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Only in Boho style and in Modern style you can add plants and roses. And colors for Boho style is…on the next paragraph.

What are boho colors?

For a warm color scheme, try saffron, ruby, bright pink, magenta, and golden yellow. Cool boho colors include amethyst, turquoise, and jade. All these colors I love, and all colors you can have in one room some on furniture some as details. This is why people love this style.

Wha I just right said? All this colors you can add in your room. This is Boho style. If you love something like this you’re totally Bohemians. And that nickname is for all of us.

If you want to learn how this style combines with another style please click here and learn this very interesting article. I love it when I share with you my ideas, I feel so inspired.

I must share with you great Boho details mmm this is what you need in your Bedroom.

design Bedrooms in Boho style
Design Bedrooms in Boho style

5 Ways to Create a Boho bedroom designs:

  • Mix Patterns and Colors With Abandon;
  • Use Natural and Rustic Finishes;
  • Add Global Accents;
  • Use Vintage Pieces;
  • Put an Emphasis on Culture.

In this part, I ‘ll recommend you some great ideas about how you can with some crazy and very low price stuff get a very modern and very interesting bedroom. Yes, you hear me clear.

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