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How to design beach style for this Summer 2020!

Good morning, my friends, what’s up? So I decided to write about the Beach style for this summer. I live in Europe, so June 21st is coming in the summer. But on the other side of the globe, it has long been summer and high temperatures. So today the topic is great for Europe and for the US as other countries. If you are ready, then let’s take action. Get ready to fly.

What is the beach house style?

I’m last week write about beach style, but I called my theme: “How to decorate your living room in Coastal design” You can more about that design visit on the previous link. It’s so amazing to write about this design, and if you like me love beach this is for you. Don’t leave this article before you read these great ideas.

How to design beach style
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This summer we on the planet will be very slow ad very don’t interested in designs because some of us lost our best partners, some of us lose family members and etc. This pandemic totally destroyed this year. But, I don’t thank GOD lose anyone, so I’m sorry if anyone lost family members this year.

After, this very sad for me a text I ll back to our today theme. We must know which colors are best for the beach style. Maybe it’s blue or just soft colors or warmer colors. The answer is down below this paragraph.

Red, White, and blue in the northeast. Red, white, and blue are the traditional coastal colors that shout summer. As you can see in this picture, it doesn’t have to be exactly as red is written. Maybe there are people who don’t like red for some reason. But you have a great replacement. Let it be a rose color, or yellow color.

You can read on my blog here.
How to design beach style?

The beach Inspired Paint Colors is…

How to design beach style
Valspar Turquoise Porcelain 5002-5C
Benjamin Moore Athens Blue 797
How to design beach style
Benjamin Moore Coral Reef 012
Magnolia Home Magnolia Green

How to Beach Up Your Home:

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If you finding something to relaxing your body and soul this on the next picture is just for you 🙂

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If you finding a great place to talk with your best friends this is for you. It’s time for coffee and delicious cake.

How to design beach style
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