How to design Bar in the living room for 2020

Good morning my dear friends. How are you this morning? Did you sleep well? Today I get an idea of what to write and it’s ” How to design Bar in the living room”

So, I’m ready for this amazing adventure!

What do you need?

Do you want to have a bar inside your living room?! But, you don’t know how you can do it. So, I have a craziest cool idea for that. So grab your paper and pen then let’s go.

You may use the cabinet in storing spirits, utensils, glassware, and bar accessories, but it may also function as an extra seating which can be a godsend if your space has limited space.

Consider also an option that has casters if you’re planning to move the bar cabinet frequently.

First, you must prepare the living room as if you were getting ready to paint your living room.

Second, you need to decide whether the bar will be in the middle of the room.

Or you can simply make it inside the kitchen islands, which is, for example, a pretty great idea.

Tip 1: Use glass decanters for a cohesive style- If you’re living in a small space and concerned about too much visual clutter, use glass decanters to keep the decor sophisticated and streamlined.

design Bar in the living room

T2: Hide in plain sightIf you have children in your home, but you must have a bar inside your home, this is the best idea for you and your living room bar.

How to design Bar in the living room for 2020
Great idea for vine bar

If you find another great for design Bar in the living room, you can decorate what you want. You can be made on your own in some old table, or you can design a bar inside your sideboard.

Q1: What features to look for in a living room bar cabinet?

Living room bar cabinets offer you various options when it comes to features that can increase a unit’s functionality.

Bottle holders, locking cabinets, bottle openers, and wine glass racks are just some of the features you’ll be able to see when you’re shopping for an excellent bar cabinet online.

Vine bar idea.

Q2: How to style with a living room bar cabinet?

Think about your living room’s theme or décor before you make the final decision of buying a certain unit as your new home addition should be able to blend into your existing décor instead of clash with it.

Small bar

Also, consider where the glasses, vases, decorative accessories, and bowls will be placed on the cabinet as they can have an impact on a room’s décor.

T3: What is important when making your bar is choosing the right color. You can choose the color that goes with your living room design or one of the colors that dominate your home.

For example, in the kitchen, make it an integral part of the kitchen. Or in the basement, you can create your own bar for friends.

Bar in the basement, a great idea or not?!

Since I already mentioned the basement bar, it would be my turn to write down what you need for the basement bar.

Of course, all of us, even when we were little, were longing for a large property, a swimming pool in front of the house.

Big green meadow, huge garden. In addition, as a child, while watching some of the famous films, I was also attracted to having a wine cellar in my home.

With all those barrels and bottles at several degrees of low temperature.

Below, I’ll just list a few things to keep in mind if you are planning to create your own wine cellar.

  • Temperature control is also very important (the ideal environment for long-term wine storage is protected from light, with a temperature from 55°-58° F and enough humidity (50-70%) to keep corks from drying out)
  • Note the dimension of the wine cellar
  • Choose the right wine disposal stands
  •  Express your style, let go of fat and create the best wine cellar. You will be famous for it, and who knows maybe your wine cellar will be voted the best in town.
  • Give your wine cellar a true story

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