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How to design a small garden on the balcony this summer?

Good morning, my friends. First I want to say thank you because you read my yesterday blog post. I’m so happy I get amazing comments and I feel so happy about that. I get 150 views yesterday and this is a new high record for my web. So, today I have for you a great name for my topic like you see it’s how to design a small garden on the balcony? This something that you need to have this summer and you can save a lot of money if you read this!

5 Tips for a Beautiful Balcony Garden

  • Create our own garden with all accessories;
  • Add Some Railing Planters;
  • Light up;
  • Add “fake grass rug”
  • Paint in white color and add some interesting boho details.
How to design a small garden

For this “grass rug” balcony with all my secret ideas it will look just like this one down below.

How to design a small garden

Totally relaxing garden balcony and you need this idea. I love when I share somethings like this one.


I’m here to help you, I have some very great Ideas. You don’t need more money to get the best visually large balcony. Here are the best tips for you.

Tip 1First of all, you need to clean your balcony. This means: remove all existing things from your balcony, and take the jogger and wipe the tiles on the floor.

Tip 2If the existing color of your balcony has not proven effective in expanding visually, then it’s time to change your color. This is one of the greatest small balcony design ideas.

Your cat or your dog will be so happy when feel this grass 🙂

Usually, everyone uses white for disinfection, though if you are not a fan of neutral, you get some shades of some of your favorite colors. 

You must be careful about color. Because you don’t need a small balcony because it’s not too large. You have a small balcony and you need to look large. 

The next thing that is very popular and will be especially popular in 2020 is to arrange your balcony as a garden. Then you have a small garden very romantic but in your apartment or your balcony.

How to design a small garden
How to design a small garden

If you love soft colors this idea is for you. Light colors on the balcony, with soft pink roses and blue details. Like you see in all pictures you can find on the web must have three minimal colors. And this is in design rule 60-30-10.

How to design a small garden

Creat garden on the skyscraper, how do that?

This is a very interesting idea. Also, I will try to find a picture of where on the roof of the building if of course the roof is flat. To make a dream garden. But literally a dream garden.

On such a flat roof you can make a summer resort for all the tenants who live in the building. Enjoy, arrange exactly the way you want your part, and here is another extra space.

In this new space, I am 100% sure that you will spend the most time. Just ask yourself why restaurants are built at height and you have summer gardens?!
How to design a small garden

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