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How to design a small apartment (light variant)

Hi, dear friends. This morning I’ll talk more about how to design a small apartment but in a light variant. Because, we are different. Someone likes light versions and someone likes dark versions. Today I’ll, talk about the light version.

Light version apartment design

In this paragraph I’ll talk about how you can if you have a small apartment to create to look larger visually. If I ask, I practice combination dark vs light.

For you to explain very easy I will add a few photographs from my dear fiend’s project from Rumunia @interiors_dd he has amazing pictures. So let’s start.

How to design a small apartment (light variant)
Picture from interiors_dd

Like you see, in this picture, you can see how you design and create from a very small kitchen to create a great and very functional room if you know to use colors.

Yes, like you see. You can use very light tons of color to get this visually large room.

In this picture the dominant color is white, beige, light grey and gold. This color combination is the best if you have a small apartment like this one in the picture.

design a small apartment

This room you see in the picture is “saved” by this window, which gives it additional light.

If you have a small room and the dimensions are the same as the one in the picture and you do not have a window.

Then you can place a large mirror on that wall and paint the kitchen in a light shade of white and gray to create visual space. I have a very similar post on how you can design a bedroom or any room without a window.

Amazing lighting in dining part of this room.

It’s a miracle when you design your dining room in minimalistic colors. If you like this color idea, this is definitely design for your taste.

If you have a small part in your kitchen as you see in this picture. You can separate visually your room to look like you have a separate dining room. And this is how you can design a small dining room in a light version.

Like you see in this small apartment this designers create for client living room in some of 8 square ft.

And it’s very nice when you saw. This green color on the wall visually creates an image that is a much wider room than it actually is.

This color combination give to you more larger space.

Also, lights in this room are creat to make a very larger room, so this is a very huge plus if you want to have a larger room in a very small apartment.

Hallway design in small apartment

In this picture, this team of great designers creates this hallway larger, but how. If you can remember when I write how creat in the small hallway to look like visually large. That idea you can see here.

If you have a narrow corridor and many things. Then this is a great idea for you.

Install a walk-in closet in your hallway, but keep the entire closet outside in the mirrors. So make the space even wider and more visually beautiful.

design a small apartment

In this picture you can see how this hallway looks on the other side. With this color combination you can get very large visual space from your small apartment.

Let’s replay: If you have a small apartment like this one on these pictures. All you must-have a great taste for color combination and you need imagination. So all you need is this little secret “How to design a small apartment (light variant)”

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