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How to design a small apartment in bright colors in 2020

Hello, how are you dear friends? Several of you wrote to me and gave me the idea to write about how to set up. So, today, on my page, you read about tips on how to do it and have fun with your family.

This topic is so important because most of us live in studio apartments. Read on for some fresh and interesting ideas below. Let’s go together for a healing adventure. Let’s find How to design a small apartment

Are lighter colors better for a smaller space or not?

In this part you can learn why is brighter or lighter color very great if you have or better to say if you live in studio apartments.

How to design a small apartment
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Colors are very important. Tip 1, it’s best if you have a smaller room, the bass I am writing about today.

However, not all of us can have large rooms, but with the combination of colors and great design tips. We can pack all those big rooms into one small one. Sounds overwhelming, admit it?!

Air force blue with grey

Air Force blue– colors are a variety of colors that are mostly various tones of the color azure. I love this color and you can see how it’s great for your living room.

Here is the first picture for today theme.

How to design a small apartment
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These colors are everything that you need. If you like I just said a small room or you live in an apartment grab your pen and paper to write these little tips.

Choose the blue-green for your furniture, the walls can be white or beige. Because it is this combination that creates the vastness of the visual that we actually need.

This great combination you can see in this picture. The soft rose color is the best for pillows and flowers and other details.

How to design a small apartment
This how look like this great color combination
  • Choose the gentle shades of color for your studio
  • Reorder your living room furniture
  • If you do not like rugs for your floor, then you can buy small tracks just enough to place a coffee table on them

Here you can see how it looks like when you combinate these soft tons.

You can visit some of my article about how to choose a high color in your living room, only what you need to do is click here.

Here the designer combinate great black on the edges, and that’s very great.

All you need to harmonize the rule I mentioned 60-30-10.

If you look closely at the picture you will see that on the very edge of the entrance to the living room.

This is where the interior designer set up a baking oven. This is a great idea for my title How to design a small apartment.

How to design a small apartment, when you in quarantine?

  • Change the layout of your corner if it is located at the entrance of the living room on the left side, now switch to the right side.
  • Paint your room white.
  • If you have a dark color to your furniture, cut out some of the cars you have in color, or thinner blanket.
  • Collect flowers from your garden, or harvest lilacs and put in an important beautify your space.

All of these tips are really helpful, and everything you want to change is not sure what to do. You can email me at

Tip for all of us what to do and change if you are quarantined. I understand all of us are bored in quarantine and we’ve probably all been proclaiming books. That’s why you can become a designer in your own home.

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