How to design a small apartment (dark variant)

Good morning my dear friends. Do you drink your coffee this morning? Hehe, I’m and I really enjoy it. Today I’ll write about how to design a small apartment in a dark variant. Yesterday I’m writing about a light variant.

Dark version apartment design

In this part of these paragraphs I’ll write how you can design your small apartment or large apartment in a dark variant. Does it possible? Yes, it is.

design a small apartment (dark variant)
Picture from interiors_dd

It’s possible. Like you see in your small apartment you can combine dark tons of colors. In this picture like you see, in this dining part you have three colors and that colors are: brown, grey, black. These three colors dominate here.

design a small apartment (dark variant)

If you have dark tones in your room, here are little tips if you don’t know how you can without any mirror or any curtains get visually large space.

Great tips for your small room!

T1: If your room is darker like this one, why you don’t buy flowers ?!. Or you can grab from someone’s garden, rose in red color or orange color and get visually nice. It’s one of my free tips. Remember this one.

T2: Find somewhere on large box mall decorate pillows in one color. That color can be: orange, white, yellow. These three colors for pillow it’s very great 🙂

Great idea for small apartment or one-room apartment.

Like you see in this picture, you can add any designs like here. The lamps are very nice.

The floor parquet is light. In the dark variant room, you must know T3.

T3 is (tip 3) after you get an answer what is this T and number, let’s find out what is T3 in this dark room, and this is what you must create or design.

T3: MUST HAVE 2 lights U-D: Must have 2 lights color down on the floor and up on the ceiling.

design a small apartment (dark variant)

It’s very easy and for these tips you don’t need more money to get it.

Little living room

This is how to look like a small part of these living rooms. In this picture, you can see a dark couch with orange pillows and light wall, and very great long dirty white curtains.

One-room design on next pictures

One-room bedroom.

If you love these dark tones of colors. This is how you can combine your dark with some great colors to look more visually larger.

You can buy and add like on these picture mirrors on the wall to get more lights in this room.

Let’s replay: Here is great tips and tricks for the question: ” How to design a small apartment (dark variant)”

  • Must have:
  • Flowers
  • Rugs
  • 2 side light: ceiling and the floor
  • Great three tones of colors: Black, brown and orange.
  • Mast have imagination and will to design

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