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How to design a railroad-style apartment to look amazing

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to give you an amazing idea of how to design a really great long apartment! I know you may never have read anything about this. So I decided to write about railway-style apartments. Do you know what it means to have an apartment in this style ?! It’s time to read and learn more about this interesting style. So my title is how to design an apartment in a railroad-style so it looks amazing. Hmm … sounds great, let’s go!

Design a railroad-style apartmant to look fabulous, let’s know how?

A railroad-style apartment is a dwelling traditionally found in older tenement buildings or subdivided brownstones with a layout consisting of succeeding rooms that lead into one another often via a central hallway from front to back. You can often find these types of apartments in New York, and in some other cities.

How to design a railroad-style

You can find a similar layout as in today’s style in one of the beautiful New York buildings. And yes, it is of course the Flatiron Building. You will see the floor plan of the apartments and rooms as it looks, so this is exactly the style.

As an interior designer, I can tell you that this type of apartment plan is very interesting to me. And what I have to say is that the space is well used. I don’t know about you, but for me this is very useful for larger houses, which you will see below.

History of the Railroad-Style Apartment

The design of railroad-style apartments was a response to overcrowding in cities in the U.S. in the mid-1800s. Railroad-style apartments were built into the early 20th century in tenement buildings. Subdivided brownstones primarily in urban areas such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

Just as it is written here, it is precisely this style that has been used in cities, where greater congestion has been planned since the 1800s. Of course, this kind of architecture and design is still very popular today. So often on the internet, I see similar ideas for cottages and smaller apartments. If you want to have more rooms and have fewer squares simply make an apartment in this style. Of course, what I don’t like is that you have a lot of doors.

Especially since I would like this style of apartment, because the rooms can be long and wide. Of course, if not cheese can be spacious and yet do not take up much space. It is important, if you decide for this style to consult with an interior designer that you have the right ratio.

What colors are mostly used in such spaces? The colors most used are neutral colors and lighter tones. For example pastel colors, warm colors but as I wrote only lighter tones. Here, due to such a style structure, very good lighting is recommended.

This means in addition to the ceiling lighting, there should definitely be a mirror and possibly a floor lamp. Aside from looking nice, definitely good lighting is an extra point. I am guided by the motto: “The more brightness, the more space”

As you could see in the pictures as examples above, it all kind of comes down to the French style of decorating. Because it is in apartments like this with this style that one such glamorous style is needed.

Which style is the best for apartments with railroad-styles?

Remember when I talked about how first impressions matter. Right here, in railroad-style, it starts from the hallway. If the hallway is glamorous, it had that kind of wow effect. It means that the rest of the apartment or house exudes luxury.

Most people of the modern age are increasingly returning to styles from before. Of course, there are: Shabby style, French style and there is definitely Industrial style. Of course, glamorous colors prevail within the mentioned styles, with great details. Now, depending on you, they can be gold or silver!

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