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How to design a living room in 5 contemporary styles

Good morning my dear friends and my dear readers, I decided to write something you didn’t know about contemporary style. Yes, I decided to write about how to design a living room in 5 contemporary styles. So if you want to know more about this style and what all the substyles are today you can read here.

Let’s learn more about 5 contemporary styles, about what you didn’t know!
How to design a living room

Trends play a big role in defining contemporary style. Yes, it is this contemporary style that is very interesting in America and in Europe. What is especially interesting is that with this style you can combine other styles such as shabby and mid-century.

The lines of furniture deserve to really appeal to this style. In this style, you can combine some of the following colors: pink, gray, gold, blue, pastel colors, and any others. The material most used in this contemporary style is mostly velvet combined with leather. Somehow, more and more everyone is becoming drawn to this style, because it is often, as I said at the beginning, found in homes around the world.

Now is the time to introduce you to 5 sub-styles of this most used style

#1 Art Deco style that only selected homes deserve, and from now on everyone can have this combination thanks to my advice. The unique style was created with the help of luxurious materials in combination with synthetic ones. Of course, those who know me will say that this is Leo’s style.

#2 Why you must be wondering ?! This style is so superior because it contains a note of luxury within moderate limits. Everyone wants to be in shops, salons, and offices with a special style.

  • Silver and gold leaf, mother-of-pearl, ivory, and lacquered finishes;
  • Repetitive geometric patterns and themes in upholstery, wallpaper, and light fixtures;
  • Plastic and resin furniture and accessories;
  • Mirrored and chromed surfaces.

#3 Midcentury Modern- Bauhaus architects and designers who migrated to America as a result of economic changes in Germany. It’s characterized by simplicity and functionality.

Let’s find about the last two sub-style

#4 Retro Contemporary The name alone reveals a lot about this combination. If you are someone who keeps furniture, from different styles in the garage. Now you can take it out again and arrange the living room. Everything you currently have in your home, know that it is always in fashion. How?! Everything that is modern today, when it goes out of trend, goes into retro and is fashionable again.

How to design a living room

#5 Urban contemporary is a rather newer concept of decor catering to city dwellers who prefer well-designed furniture. Pieces tend to have a sophisticated, cosmopolitan feel regardless of their reduced sizes. Click here to read more about this urban style!

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