How to design a home office in 2020

Good morning my friends. How are you, my day it starts very well, and I’m ready for new adventures. Today, I want to write about home office design. Because my followers from Instagram account @interior_tipsandtricks ask me when I write something about this. So, finally, I have time to write some of my ideas for you.

What must do you know about rule number 1?

Each room has special dominant colors. I like to say, each room must have three colors. It’s a very familiar design rule as 60-30-10. About what this rule talks?!

60% refers to the overall color of the room eg it may be pink 30% refers to 2 colors that can be on furniture, carpet or curtains.

While 10% is a third color that is very compatible with the first two colors and is very often there just to emphasize and give the room special.

Exactly these 10 percent are mostly found on pillows, vases, or flower colors, picture frames and more.

Home office or work office design

design a home office

What do you need to know, when you alone design your office without an interior designer.

Tip 1: First write on the paper that you really want to have inside your home office or work office.

T2: You need to know the office has the same few colors, and you need to choose the right one. It’s not a game it’s very important.

T3: You can choose one of five colors. And that five colors who really dominate inside every office is Blue, Grey, White, Yellow, Green. Also, you need a secondary color. The secondary color is every color that you want, what you like.

design a home office
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Like I already say you can choose grey and yellow and that combinations are one of the favorite colors for office design. Everyone loves this combination.

For more ideas for the color, you can visit my other article here. I m very proudly cause I can recommend one of my favorite articles. Maybe some of you think office design it’s easier to design than the living room, but it’s wrong. Home or work office it’s not easy a-a.

Home office for two?!

When you live at home, and you have a family you need to create a home office for you and your partner. You don’t need more room for that. Only what you need you can design the office in the same room, the same table. And that’s the idea that looks like now.

This design’s very easy to use, at a very low price. All you can do it for $200-$500

T4: What I would recommend to everyone as a 4 tip is to choose the brightest room in your home for the office. Because the less you use artificial light especially in offices, then you finish your work faster and more efficiently.

When you have an office in a brighter room then you are less tense, you are relaxed.

The next and most important thing is to bring flowers to your office. If you have a flower inside the office, that office looks like a more comfortable place for work.

Pay close attention to this picture of the office, what do you see? This office flowers embroidery looks sad, invites us to simply leave everything we do for tomorrow, and so on forever.

That is why it is very important for you to have flowers in your office, except that refreshing the space is great for inspiring and letting go of positive energy.

Here is few pictures for great home office ideas.

design a home office
design a home office

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