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How to design a hallway & laundry room in a small space

Good morning, my friends. Today I’ll share with you a very great idea, how you can design in a small space great hallway. With a closet and laundry room. Does it possible? Yes, and it looks so great. Of course, it’s functional. So the title is How to design a hallway & laundry room.

Q1: I have small size hallway, but I want to place their closet and laundry room?

Of course, it is possible to do it, and it is feasible with a very good architect who will design it all.

If it’s a smaller apartment or a smaller space in the house. This can all be reduced to a certain size where you get a very extra 3 in 1.

How to design a hallway & laundry room

In the picture you see for the first time, everyone would think it was a narrow corridor without a single closet. But here is actually a closet and a laundry room.

It can be clearly seen here that the designer used a modern and minimalist style to give the impression of a passerby that this was a classic hallway without any additional surprises.

On the right side of the picture, down to the smaller shelf you see my fantastic idea. How to put on a large mirror that visually widens this hallway. Read more about such an idea here.

How to design a hallway & laundry room
All this pictures is from my friends page @interiors_dd

It is very important that you know how to adjust the colors in such a small space. Because if you don’t know what colors to use and do it the first time. Visit some of my articles and find out more here.

Now that I’ve briefly explained what colors really mean to you, in a small space. It’s time to address what the designer has left behind in mysterious ways.

The designer planned and transferred the architect from the paper to the actual state. They planned to make the walkways the entire length of the partition so as to make together a closet and a laundry room.

Which in my opinion is a great idea? Especially if you have a huge hallway but want something fantastic for yourself.

When you open this magic door, you are in a new world. Just kidding. It’s a secret agent room for your closet and laundry room.

How to design a hallway & laundry room
Great Idea for How to design a hallway & laundry room. Isn’t?!

All you need is in one place. Closet and laundry room. Everything is so furnished that it does not take up much space. Where you also have a washing machine and a dryer. I love so much this amazing idea.

And here’s your closet with clothes and shoes. Indeed this is so practical and feasible. And I like this idea a lot. I hope I was able to give you an interesting idea.

How to design a hallway & laundry room
How to design a hallway & laundry room

And from the outside, when you leave your hiding place, this is how it looks. Fantastic isn’t it?!

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