How to design a dining room with my easy tips

Hi, my dear friends today I want to write to you something very different! Yeah, today’s article is very great if you need some special and great design for your dining room. So, I decided to write about how to design a dining room with my easy tips?! I am going to write about great on my way dining room.

Design your dining room with easy tips and great budget

How to design a dining
How to design a dining

Today in this article I want to show you some simple ways to make your own dining room. Whether small or large, these tips are the same for all rooms.

As you know the main thing that is most seen today in dining rooms is of course the color of the wall and the chandelier. And only then come the table and chairs and another decor. So today you will be able to read more about colors and recommendations for chandeliers.

This is my picture yesterday that I took with my phone at the KARE Shop in Sarajevo. This is the best way to see what I said above. You should visit this shop on Instagram @kare_sarajevo

Time to talk about these two incredible details inside the dining room?!

Tip 1: We’ll start with the color of the wall, why?! Because before the chandelier or after the chandelier is placed in the dining room. First, we need some background on which that chandelier when viewed from the side will be striking along with other details.

If you are for a brighter dining room and regardless of the square footage of the space, you want to have more light in it. Of course, you probably know this catch: place a mirror that looks like a beautiful decor on the wall to make your dining room more striking.

Tip 2: You can set the mirror to be in one row like the pictures on the wall. That is, instead of pictures on the wall. And you can definitely post pictures that are special to you. Read about how to post art or family paintings here on my blog!

Also if you want some inspirational pictures on the wall, you can put pictures of plants, or text pictures. On which you can get inspired every time you walk through the dining room.

Now let’s talk about the chandelier…

Tip 3: Now we can about the chandelier, of course, my recommendation is that if you like styles that are glamorous. Place the chandelier above the dining table, because as in the picture above, if it has gold and white details on it. Definitely, every space will shine and look glamorous.

We all deserve a glamorous space, of course a dining room that “takes your breath away” right ?! The more beautiful the chandelier’s design, the more beautiful the dining room, regardless of the colors in the space. You know that famous saying: “It doesn’t matter what the look or the style is if there is nothing in the space to give it that shine.”

What about wall colors inside your dining room, hmm?!

Tip 4: The colors on the wall are always a trick question, which do we all fall for ?! Why is it that, sometimes we are not sure which color is ideal for which room? You know, you’ve probably experienced that before. So below I want to list the colors and ideas that you are always safe with.

  • Beige color is best if you want to put some details like olive green details, dark green details and some like that;
  • White color, because this is neutral color for any room any place;
  • Creme/Cappuccino is the best inside one dining room;
  • Pastel colors;
  • Gray color especially when in some of the following undertones: Orange, green, purple.

All the colors I listed in the list above should only be on one wall. Especially on the wall where you have an inspirational painting or an art painting that will give a special touch.

Tip 5: The carpet under the dining table?! The big dilemma, whether to put or not ?! My recommendation is to put on and further enhance the striking and glamor of the room.
Choose a carpet in colors like the one above in the picture. You can never go wrong with these colors.

It is very important where you put your feet and on what. Let it be some neutral carpet. Which will not draw so much attention to itself from the main focal points in space.

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