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How to design a dining room to look very luxury under $500

Good morning my dear friends, did you sleep well? I’m, and I want to write about the dining room. Why? I get emails every day about when I write about the dining room. Because U have a group of people who really want to know how you can have a dining room to look luxury but under $500.

How to design dining room under $500 in 2020?

design a dining room

It’s really possible, to design the dining room for very great money to look very elegant and luxurious. I love it when I use two styles in one.

T1: If you really want that looks only what you need is…. have a great feeling for color combination.

design a dining room

In this picture, they see that the designers did their best to combine the colors. In this case there are three colors. Black, beige and gold. Really this combination is perfect if you have a small dining room.

But if you like the luxury style you must know which color it’s great for your room. I now when you designing your dining room you look to add some colors that you like, and when you look behind you, you make a colorful.

You must know which color is perfect for you. Like in law have rules, also in interior design you have rules.

Picture is from Prosvirin design
Picture from Prosvirin design

T2: Also, what you need is a great wall color. If you for e.g have “dirty rose” color of chairs, and gold dining room, or gold edge on dining room. Your wall need to be beige. I said wall because you need to paint just one wall in the beige color.

design a dining room

Like in this picture, here beige is the dominant color. Here it is great if your walls white color. This is a little trick which is very important. Without that trick or advice however you want, there is neither the luxurious look of your living room nor any room in your home.

All this dining tables you can buy for great price, if you have great budget this is for you. You need this luxury style in your dining room. I love to say: “You don’t need a lot of money to have luxury style, you only need good feeling with color combination” and that’s it.

T3: Also, great tips for you is, if you love rugs. You can buy some great color rugs. Here are some great ideas for inspiration on how you can add rug inside your dining room.

design a dining room
Picture from Stonegableblog

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