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How to design A Condo Makeover With a lot of space?

Good morning, my dear friends. Today I’ll share with you very interesting how to design a Condo makeover with savvy storage? I know everyone needs more space in their home. So, today I decided to share all my tips and “secret” tricks 😀 just for my dear friends who really read my blog. I’m so happy because you will get amazing tips.

How to design your small space 😀

Let’s get started right away with tips, I don’t want to waste time.

Tip 1: You have a small space in the kitchen, and your room is dark? Then you will arrange your kitchen as follows. Kitchens in small spaces should be white. Of course, I mean the walls and some parts of the kitchen elements. Why? We do all this to visually expand the kitchen and get more squares. That’s why you can often hear he or she made the most of their space.

Tricks 1: Insert the LED line lamp under the kitchen elements above the sink. So when it’s dark outside, where the ceiling lighting doesn’t help either. You can also take advantage of this extra to get maximum visibility. At the same time, LED lighting saves electricity and at the same time makes the space wider and more beautiful.

How to design A Condo Makeover!
How to design A Condo Makeover
Picture from extraspace.com

Tip 2: Let’s move on to the living room. He should, according to some universal style, look like this. That inside it you have a dining table, which can have 2 to 4 chairs. Make sure it is stylishly completed. This means that the table should be round and the chairs arranged diagonally to save space. So, wherever you put the dining table, you have used space.

Trick 2: In the next picture you can see how you can design your living room and how to add your sofa.

How to design A Condo Makeover
Picture from idealhome.co.uk
How to design A Condo Makeover

Trick 3: What is important to know, and you need to do in your home. It is very important that air circulates.

Picture from archzine.net

Tip 3: Great advice but also a trick you need to do. If you have inside your living room is just like the one in the previous picture.

Next to the wall is painted white and make it look like the closet. And here, with the help of a neutral eye, you get 2 to 3 square meters of visual space.

How to design A Condo Makeover

For more ideas like this please you can read my page topic here:

How to design A Condo Makeover
Pictured from @interior_dd

As you can see in the previous picture when you combine colors no matter how much space you have you can increase it by a few more visual squares.

Just a few days ago I wrote about this style you see here. It is a coastal style of home decoration. Why do I say that from the beginning and how did I notice it?! 

You see, to fascinate someone you have to learn something more about it first. Probably the designer got a hint from the owners of this beautiful apartment to adore the coast and the sea. And it is in the coastal style that the following colors dominateRed, White, Blue. 

Also all this ideas is very compactible for bathroom and bedroom, you can se down below.

How to design A Condo Makeover
More light colors = better and visually larger small bathroom.

I am 99% sure will visually enlarge your home or a particular room. These are:

These four styles are best for your smaller rooms. When you have a small room with some of these four styles you get a very large visual room.

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