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How to design a bedroom in two styles for any budget

Good morning my dear friends! Today I want to present for the first time my bedroom project. Yeah, I designed a very great bedroom which is available for any budget. So, my topic for today is: “How to design a bedroom in two styles for any budget” Let’s go step by step, to show you my idea!

What do you need to know about design a bedroom in two styles?!

How to design a bedroom
How to design a bedroom

I love when I arrange for the bedroom to be without a TV. Because the best bedrooms are with a large bed for sleeping in simple colors. Which have great brightness. Of course, the input of natural light is most significant.

This is my project: Bedroom for any budget 😀

This bedroom is made up of all styles: Modern style and Mid-century. Yes just when you see the pictures, you will realize how you can design with the two most striking and I would say the most used styles. It is this combination that is very popular for bedrooms.

Time for best tips and tricks…

First I will go as they say: from floor to ceiling! I laid light-colored parquet on the floor for the reason that you can then apply colors of stronger tones. But also because you can change the furniture as you wish.

Tip 1: I am more for the option that when you do and cover under the parquet, do not buy immediately rug. Because I aim best comes before the bed has already been chosen.

Wonderful bedroom design by @mr.leohodzic

Tip 2: My plan was to show a bedroom that is decorated according to newer trends. Yes, and I chose to have only one wall painted. Why? If you have read my posts before, I wrote to you, yes, if you have a large room, but you want to emphasize its uniqueness.

You just have to paint it in one of the pastel colors. Pastel colors are “cute” and when you have this combination as in the picture you have a full package.

Great Idea for parquet, if you don’t know how install on the right way, please click here.

Very interesting tricks for better sleep, how?!

Trick 1: Thanks to alternative medicine, the most famous world, and regional designers recommend Feng Shui. Yes, I did this room according to the Feng Shui concept. At least this part where the bed is. There is, a rule for better sleep that the bed is placed near the window. In order for positive energy to enter and circulate throughout the room. Read more about it, here!

In the next picture, I put one great closet in the bedroom. Because we want to put our wardrobe somewhere. If it is an apartment where we do not have a separate wardrobe. Let’s halve the wardrobe, so that in one part there is one seasonal outfit in another.

Tip 3: Honestly, the easiest way is to combine the Scandinavian design of the bedroom wardrobe. But also chests of drawers that simply fit with all combinations. So here you can see, that design because it is simple but also adaptable to our budget.

How to design a bedroom

The only thing you need to set aside more money for such a project within the budget are the hands of a master who will do it all, and make a room according to this 3D project. Of course, since you already know my writing style, I made one great space. To sit down with your partner after bed and drink tea or coffee.

How to design a bedroom

Tip 4: I had a lot of fun here, and I tried to fit colors that would suit the whole room. These are certainly the colors: blue (several shades), white, dirty pink, gold details, and of course beige curtains.

Tip 5: In such color combinations, it is best when you have a totally neutral carpet. Just like with me in the bedroom, inside this project. I intentionally put on a rug that is black-gray-white.

And to pack everything fine for the end as one gift. I put a chandelier with crystals and gold details. To go great with bedside tables and lamps that are on them. You know yourself that I enjoy Art Deco details. I couldn’t leave them out here. And at the top of the zodiac there are styrofoam lays that are decorative.

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