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How to design a beach house in the city without the sea?

Good morning my dear friends, my dear readers. How are you today?! I am fine very well. Yesterday I didn’t write anything so I m ready to write a very interesting article for this morning. My topic for today, is how to design a beach house in the city without the sea? Am I right? Very great idea.

Design house to look so similar as beach house!

Since I live in a place where it is not close to the sea, but most rivers. But since we are all lovers of the sea and sea beaches. In one settlement not far from my building, there is just one interesting settlement that when you pass by it, it is as if you are at sea.

How to design a beach house
Picture from my site

I really like these low houses, in my opinion, and my experience of how much I have decorated the house so far. These houses are intended only for quiet locations. Where there is not a large flow of people and cars.

Details? What about details!

Why subtitle details? You see, the details actually make your home be in the most beautiful splendor like never before. The details are actually the main “culprits” of why your house or apartment looks perfect.

Below you will see a special detail on one of the gates that I took with my cell phone. Of course, I have to state that I took all the photos you see with my cell phone. Honestly, I hated carrying a Canon.

Details it’s so important

Just as there are details on dresses that make dresses, other types of clothing interesting. Basically, we all actually buy things that attract us and we mostly buy that because of the details.

Like on cell phones. Basically when you look at today’s mobile devices, they all look the same. They only differ in detail in this case specifications.

How to design a beach house

As you have seen so far these cottages are of a very interesting design, and for the most part the modern style of the houses is combined with the Mediterranean style. Which adorns the whole street with its appearance.

Mediterraneanstyle homes, which resemble the aesthetic of Mediterranean villas, originated in the 1920s.

Here you have been very amazing and very modern style!

This house you see in the picture above reminds me so much of those houses you can see in California more precisely in Beverly Hills. So, sometimes as I walk down this street, I think of a part of California coming to my beautiful Sarajevo. If not by population, then it certainly arrives by the look and design of these beautiful palaces.

How to design a beach house
How to design a beach house

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