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How to decorate your living room in Coastal design?

Good morning my friends, how are you today? I’m great, today I’ll write about How to decorate your living room in Coastal design. If you do not hear about his design. Here is an opportunity to learn more about this style of decoration and apply it to your homes.

What is Coastal design?

The coastal design is a design that evokes the sea and all that beautiful relaxing blue that you can only see while you are at sea. It’s your design actually combining three to a maximum of four colors.

And find out more about the colors below. I’m sure you’ll love this design as much as other decorating styles. I love it when I write about something very interesting and beautiful.

decorate your living room

In the simplest definition, coastal is the beach. Through the use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic.

What colors are represented in this design?

Red, White, and blue in the northeast. Red, white, and blue are the traditional coastal colors that shout summer.

As you can see in this picture, it doesn’t have to be exactly as red is written. Maybe there are people who don’t like red for some reason. But you have a great replacement. Let it be a rose color, or yellow color.

You can combine this coastal design with styles already known. But how free can I be and say that to me as a designer the coastal style is more part of the Belgian style. Precisely because of these borders that emphasize this wonderful aesthetic.

If you want to know more about Belgian style and decorating your home for 2020 please see more information here.

How to decorate your living room
How to decorate your living room in Coastal design?
Picture from Vintage Refined

Here are some interesting ways to have this wonderful coastal design in your home:

  • Combine wood-textile furniture materials;
  • Buy white or blue curtains for the living room;
  • With or without carpet;
  • Create a laid-back scheme with sun-bleached hues;
  • Let your room smell like the sea, buy a space freshener that smells like the sea.

A cute little secret about this design that you sure didn’t know ?!

I could say that the coastal design is actually a combination of the well-known two styles. And these are Traditional style and Belgian style. You must be wondering if this is true at first?!

The traditional style offers a combination of comfortable furniture, classic designs, and casual décor.

Belgian style homes are beautiful and full of elegance and warmth. The atmosphere generated is likely in some part to be due to the importance of natural light.

Read more about this “secret” at

Below are some of the interesting ideas on how you can decorate your home as well.

How to decorate your living room

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Other examples for this amazing coastal designs.

Picture from


In this text you will learn the following:

  • What is a coastal design?
  • What colors are characteristic of coastal design?
  • How to create your own coastal design!
  • We revealed a “cute” little secret about this design!

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