How to decorate your condo with three colors to look nice

Good morning my dear readers, today we will talk about how to decorate your condo with three colors to look nice. Very different than other my articles. So, if you want to know more about this interesting condo decoration read here for more.

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In this today topic, you can learn very interesting tips and trick about how to decorate your condo on a budget.

TipYou have a small space in the kitchen, and your room is dark? Then you will arrange your kitchen as follows. Kitchens in small spaces should be white. Of course, I mean the walls and some parts of the kitchen elements. Why? We do all this to visually expand the kitchen and get more squares. That’s why you can often hear he or she made the most of their space.

Picture from my friend interior Instagram account: @interiors_dd

TricksInsert the LED line lamp under the kitchen elements above the sink. So when it’s dark outside, where the ceiling lighting doesn’t help either. You can also take advantage of this extra to get maximum visibility. At the same time, LED lighting saves electricity and at the same time makes the space wider and more beautiful.

How to decorate your condo
You read an amazing article about: How to decorate your condo with three colors to look nice
This is some golden rule how you can add your table
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  1. If your living room has access to a ton of natural light, don’t block it out with dark curtains. Let it pour in to make the space feel more airy and open. Even if you don’t have large windows and tons of sunlight, choose lighter shades to maximize the light you do have.
  2. Don’t be afraid of making a big statement in a small space. There’s a difference between clutter and well-curated collections and dramatic design moments.
  3. Choosing a larger rug—even in a bold pattern—is a trick that makes a room feel bigger. Unlike smaller rugs, the large size doesn’t visually break up the floor. 
  4. Keep seating close together and intimate, and choose a plush, soft rug,
  5. Keep walls and floors all white to brighten up space. Large artwork on the wall is eye-catching, yet not the least bit cluttered. 
How to decorate your condo
Picture from my friend interior Instagram account: @interiors_dd

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