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How to decorate a large living room to look great?

Hello, today I will write about how to decorate a large living room to look great?! Yeah, this is very important to know. In some of my few articles, I m just mention few times. But, today I will write about more tips and tricks how you can decorate! This is so important, because some of us have larger room and need my help.

What do you need to know about decorating a large living room?
How to decorate a large living

The most important thing is to choose the appropriate color for a large space. Mostly for large rooms, the colors used are some of the following. These are light and dark gray, darker shades (purple, mauve, beige, or as designers like to say cappuccino color, yellow and other warmer colors). Of course, I must state that it can be a wall where there is seated furniture. I will write later why.

Tip 1: In the picture above there is a large living room, and you see the gray color of the wall, and that only where the furniture is. Other walls remain white or some other color only lighter shades.

All that is left are the details, with which you need to “play” a bit to be ideal. But we will mention a little about that with the interior designer on February 28th.

This is a great example of how you can design your larger room with KARE furniture. Visit our domestic KARE shop in Sarajevo @kare_sarajevo

T2: I must mention that if you are more of a fan of darker walls, you can do it, but everything else in the room must be lighter shades. From the furniture to the smallest details! It is very important that you do this in a large space because then it will not look overcrowded. This applies to both ideas I have listed. You should try this. I love ideas just like this one.

Great idea how to turn a small room into a big one. Only with the help of mirrors, and light colors.

T3: The color on the wall can be beige or white, but watch this now. Place a large colored canvas on the wall and it looks luxurious and interesting. Then only positive energy circulates in your space.

How to decorate a large living

One of the great examples of how you can make your large space interesting and pleasing to the soul and eyes.

T4: Now about what I wrote the other day hm … can you remember?! Here I will help you I wrote about the illuminated. Yes, yes it is important to have good lighting. Because when the sun passes, the lights have to turn on. Click here for more about lighting.

How to decorate a large living

T5: Great screens with white curtains with all the details will not make your space look luxurious, but everyone will envy you in a beautiful space. So with a few of the above tips, your large room will be regally decorated in the blink of an eye and trust me you will leave a mark for all time.

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