How to create a Parisian home interior this month, so easy!

Hello, my friends how are you today?! I am very well, so because I am good. I decided to write about so stylish home design. You can see in my topic this classic and royalty shadow. So, today’s topic would be how to create a Parisian home interior. Very interesting, what do you think?

Create a Parisian home interior, easy with these tips and tricks!

How to create a Parisian home

This is very interesting when you have a royal design inside your place, but you didn’t spend more than $500 here. This way we use the Parisian style.
How to create a Parisian

What do we need if we decided to renovate our home in this style?

  • Gold mirror;
  • Long & beautiful drapes;
  • Stunning chandeliers;
  • Fresh plants and flowers;
  • Hardwood or parquet flooring;
  • White walls with detail;
  • A touch of glam & sculptural/glass decor.

Gold mirrorI like the idea of a jaw-dropping mirror being over the fireplace instead. Mirror is very important because when you have small living room, with mirror you can get more visual squares. That’s totally great, isn it?

Long & beautiful drapesThough window size may be a factor here, as I don’t really see small windows like what we have, we can still take inspiration and have long. Also, long curtains mean long windows and high walls.

Stunning chandeliersChandeliers are definitely the statement maker of a room. It takes a room from nice to wow. Though these can cost you thousands, they don’t have to.

Hardwood or parquet flooring– It’s very important to have parquet in this style. If you want to learn how to install properly parquet or any other floor material, click here.

Wood floors definitely seem to be the norm, especially herringbone parquet. But unfortunately you either have it or you don’t! If you’re in the middle of home renovating or buying a house.

How to create a Parisian

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