How to Build a garden couch-very easy and fast

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to write about a very simple and very interesting Idea. Yeah, here you can find more about how to build a garden couch, but very easy and fast. For the start, I’ll write which materials and tools do you need for your first but not last project. So, if you are ready let’s start with this great easy, and fast project.

Build a garden couch very easy and fast!

Here I will introduce you today, I hope 5 ways you can make a bench to sit in the garden or on the balcony. It is up to you where you will place it. To begin with, we will start with how you can make a couch or a bench with the help of wooden pallets. For both this and the others, you need the following, basic material.
How to Build a garden couch

Below you can find out what you need from tools and materials!

  • Handsaw;
  • Circular saw;
  • Wood glue;
  • Rope and thread with scissors;
  • marker for marking;
  • A sponge, and a canvas for sitting;
  • Color as desired, and colorless fixing varnish.

#1 How to build a bench with wooden pallets: You need to find 5 maximum undamaged pallets. Because there is a possibility that while you are making your bench or couch, one of them will break. Of course, you definitely have to prepare a hand drill with which you will fasten them next to each other. When you have made the desired shape, take a drill and screw it up.

#2 Use an older frame of a bench or chair and stick a sitting sponge on it with the help of wood glue. This is something that you can very often see today as benches in restaurants or cafes.

How to Build a garden couch

#3 Make a perfect bench with the help of classic wood logs and a little thread. Which will serve as a seat but also as a decoration. When you assemble the smaller pieces of slats and fix them well. Then you take either a thread or a slightly thicker thread and start wrapping.

#4 You can also make a very high-quality bench and simple only with the help of a brick and a few slats of wood. You need to calculate roughly how many bricks you need and how many slats when you prepare and fix it all with the help of concrete. This is exactly what it looks like.

#5 In addition to wooden pallets and concrete bricks, we must not forget the reinforced wire. Which can be used very well, both as a base and as a decoration. Where you can very easily design original things, in this case furniture. It’s time to have some fun, and design your own furniture for terraces, gardens, balconies.

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