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How it is possible to get more space in a small flat?

Good morning my dear friends. I want to say thank you for yesterday’s views. I am so proud if I help you with some great ideas. And now you know when you go to the furniture store how to recognize any style. And how to mix 2 or more styles in one place. Today, I want to show you through my sentences. About how it is possible to get more space in a small flat? So, don’t worry I am here to help you for free.

What do you really need to know?

Your question is: ” How I can renovate my small room to look as huge as my living room. Am I right? I know I am. All trick is in visual effect. If you know which color for your walls. The best you can get transform your small room into a huge room.

get more space in a small flat
Picture from prosvirin_design

So lets start with little tricks for you:

  • Choose the light color for your small room, I recommend for you (white, baby pink, soft pink, and light grey). Maybe, you just already ask why I don’t write yellow. Because yellow in the small room transforms your room smaller then it is.
  • If you already have a darker tone of color you can use just like on the picture mirror with backlight. For some great visual illusion.
  • Install one sofa, one clothes if you need it;
  • Your ceiling leaves in white, and you get visually larger room 😀

How I can get a lighter room if I don’t have any windows?

In rooms, like I already mention in sub-heading you can use very easy. And the very cheap installation to get “invisible windows” in your room. For more information about this I can say little issue you can find here.

get more space in a small flat

Let’s talk about few tips how you can design rooms without windows.

Tip 1: Paint It White- You can paint your room in white color or just need to paint in a light color.

T2Mirrors– Adding a large mirror to your wall is one of the first ways to simulate the effect of a window.

3Big Smart Art– When choosing art, posters, or wall decoration for rooms without windows, go really big for more magic to enlarge the feeling of small, gloomy rooms. 

4: Hang twinkle lights in fun formations in the room.

And 5: Là French Doors ( I love this fresh doors, I feel like I’m in Paris and walk around ah… Paris, Paris). 

Make a window in 4 steps just on my way, it’s easy-peasy.

Step 1: That is, order glassworkers to make you several pieces of mirror in the sizes otherwise provided for the windows.

Second step: Choose where the window or mirror will be in the dimensions of the space, place the mirror.

Step 3: Purchase curtains for your window and place sideboards above your “window”

Finally step 4: Now it’s your turn to place your mirror and drill holes in the garnish above it. Install a mirror, place curtains, or screens. One, two, tree your window is ready.

get more space in a small flat

Also, BONUS trick for you is buy mirror and set up on the wall with backlights. That solution make your small room look so much bigger.

get more space in a small flat

Don’t forget to buy some flowers to get beautiful feeling inside your room.

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