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How do you make a hallway look welcoming?

Good morning my dear friends, what’s up? Today, this raining day I’ll write about how do you make a hallway look welcoming? As this possible, or what?! Yes, it’s possible, and it looks so great. I love all this design, what I prepare for you mmm must love these designs.

What is the best color to paint a hallway?

Hallways should be painted so that they always look airy and clean. When it comes to color, always choose lighter shades and colors that will definitely “revive” your hallway in combination with details.

How do you make a hallway
How do you make a hallway

Today, you’re lucky because that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you about a great idea.

There are a few steps so let’s start right away:

  1. Remove everything from your hallway
  2. Buy paint for wall painting: one bucket of white paint and one bucket of paint that is greasy 
  3. Apply white paint to the side walls as well as the ceiling to the corridor or aisle wall 
  4. After the first coat of paint has dried, go over with this oily color and add 3 drops of pink and gray to it 
  5. The color of peach or pink will refresh your walls and make the space inspiring. 
  6. Now that we’ve managed to refresh the small space with another color, it’s time for the other details.
Picture from @polinov

As you can see in the photo, this is a large hallway, where the designer came up with the idea to put marble tiles that are as you can see in the colors that are refreshing.

How do you make a hallway
How do you make a hallway

How to have a visually bigger?

So I decided to share with you one amazing Design Trick!

You can find a large mirror at very reasonable prices in large centers with no classic details. Your job before installing the mirror would be to customize it if you have a little space, if necessary.

You can paint it with a gold spray and it will fit perfectly with all the details you put in earlier. After decorating, make sure you rest, invite your friends, and enjoy your creation together.

Here is some amazing designs for your hallway 🙂

I must also share with you great Tips, now look next picture for example. What would I change here?

Picture from

My advice to you if you have a similar hallway design! Don’t let such a lovely hallway “be sad” you may have seen this design look fantastic in a picture somewhere, but with you it can’t look like in the picture. You can enhance it with my advice or the advice of my fellow designers for very little money to make it look breathtaking.

What I recommend for this little hallway idea.

  • Let’s start from the floor: Place the white tiles, arrange them so that they go on a triangle. Either lay vinyl or better yet lay laminate.
  • Paint the walls in white, it is Scandinavian style, although here too white refresh the walls.
  • The front door is a wonderful color indeed, but as a designer here I would put a pink door color but only on the inside. Not pink but light pink.
  • I would not color the elements of this shoe so that each other is light pink.
  • The lower part of the wall on my right side would definitely be painted in light gray facade color. Facade paint is washable paint.
  • So you get a wonderful contrast in the hallway and give it life again.
  • What this hallway lacks is a carpet that will emphasize all those colors even more.
  • Mandatory mirror on the wall large long and horizontal, just to look like a picture on the wall.
  • Of course, install great lighting in the hallway, be sure to LED that will visually expand your small hallway even more.

Here is amazing pictures:

How do you make a hallway
How do you make a hallway
Picture from

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