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Greek style is one of the best design for 2020

Good morning my dear friends, today I am writing about my favorite style. Why it’s my favorite because I love these colors: blue and white to see combined. So, my topic today is: Greek-style is one of the best designs for 2020. Correct me if I’m wrong: D So why wait, let’s start with this amazing and relaxing design.

History of Greek Style, why this stye is so good?

Greek style is one of the best

The history of any culture is inextricably linked with the stages of development of its state, and often the neighboring one. It is believed that the this style originated in the period of the VIII-VI centuries BC.
Greek style is one

Today I chose to write to you about the this style of decoration, precisely because I am a fan of these colors. White and blue as the base color while choosing the third color as you wish. But the third color mainly varies from the following colors: black, pink, gold, gray and in some cases there is beige.

How to recognize some details from this style design anywhere?!

  • high ceilings;
  • meander patterns;
  • granite, ceramic tiles, marble;
  • decor items – vases, amphoras, figurines, sculptures;
  • Colors: blue and white;
Beautiful Greek Islands

The Greek style in most cases reminds me a lot of Scandinavian. Why? Well, as you know Scandinavian style applies white paint to the walls. If you want to learn more about Scandinavian style, click here.

Lighting in this style is mostly distributed throughout the room. So that when it gets dark the lights come on and the whole room is beautifully lit. What can be seen in some houses is that they often muffle and then look even more romantic.

Also, what I must not forget to write is that in the Greek style it is special and very famous are the arches on the doors.

Greek style is one

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