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Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens in 2020

Good early morning, my dear friends. How are you? Did you sleep well, or you have had insomnia? Today in my city all day is rain and it’s so annoying 🙁 but you must work and you must change inside your head this rain on a sunny day! So this early morning I’ll write about Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens.

Colors? Which one is important?

Farmhouse ColorsThere are no hard-set rules for modern farmhouse colors. However, a winning palette seen in many spaces combines white, black, and natural wood tones.

Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Shaker CabinetsSimple shaker cabinets, white subway tile, and, of course, hand-hewed barn beams give this kitchen remodeled. Kitchen’s relaxed yet stylish vibe. DOwn here is a very interesting kitchen design.

Copper Light Fixtures Copper accents are having a big moment because the metal works with a broad range of decor styles. In this cooking space by Blakes London, the industrial-inspired copper lamps add a little shine and warmth to the room.

Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Here is one of my very interesting topics which I’m writing and please I’ll be very thankful if you read this too. Because on this link you can find more about pastel colors for your kitchen.

Wood Range HoodThere’s so much to love in this kitchen by Alys Designs that we have to share it in two different photos. This glimpse shows off the wood wrapped range hood.

Alys Designs photography

Vintage Kitchen CabinetsThe second photo of this cute kitchen by Alys Designs features a herringbone tile floor, vintage cabinetry, and open shelving made of reclaimed wood. Check out the mid-century apple sign that adds a pop of color.

Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

How to Set up a Farmhouse Kitchen?

Farmhousestyle kitchens tend to focus on natural materials, unpretentious design, and cooking spaces that can accommodate large meals. Guests should always feel welcome and comfortable in these spaces, even if their boots are still dirty. Down you can read list what you really need.

  • Wood Countertops
  • Farmhouse Sink
  • Antiques and Accessories
  • Beaded Board
  • Two-Tone Cabinetry
  • Natural Textures
  • Open Shelving
  • Table-Turned-Island

The mix of Metals-Don’t be afraid to mix metals in the kitchen. This is a very classical ane very interesting look for kitchen design. In my own kitchen is Mix of metals.

Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens
Don’t be afraid to mix metals in the kitchen. This ​stylish cooking space by The Style Nest Blog does just that—and it looks great!

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