Google AdSense problems on my page in 2020

Good morning, If I can say is good why Google unlimited my ads. I have a problem with you from Google. Whereas soon as it turns out I made a mere $ 2 which I think is a scam. Because according to statistics, my daily salary is $ 10 to $ 15. So, I m writing about Google AdSense problems on my page.

I ask someone to explain to me why things like this happen on my blog. First, when I started writing a blog after a month, I had an income of 2 dollars, and the average number of RTC clicks OVER 1400 euros.

I want to be helped so that things like this don’t happen to me again. So, every time it turns out that I have earned something, you cancel it because you think that someone is persuading people to click on it.

Really big rudeness from you. Secondly, by no means did you acknowledge my statistics. According to the statistical calculations of other bloggers to whom I told about the situation I am in, they told me that Google does not count reviews at all.

Google Analytics for my site

You already count only 1/4 of that data. In one week I have 400-800 views and earning $ 0 why is that. I share it on social media to get more traffic. As all bloggers do.

In down below is my analytics from my blog for 3 months.

Google AdSense problems
Google AdSense problems
Google AdSense problems
Google Analytics
Google AdSense problems

Although everything is fine, I was a blogger writing my blog about interior design.

First you tell me after 3 months now when my earnings start you cancel my ads. If this is not resolved, I have every right to sue Google over this. So much, I was disappointed. Every day I build my blog, people send me messages that something is finally holding them together.

That I can finally arrange my home. And that they can arrange a complete room for less money to make it look like a million-dollar room. PLEASE HELP ME TO ADVERTISE MY ADVERTISEMENTS ON MY BLOG.

AND I ASK YOU TO START CALCULATING MY STATISTICS AND REAL EARNINGS. BECAUSE IT IS NOT POSSIBLE THAT IF I HAVE ON A MONTHLY LEVEL 2500 TO 3500 EXAMINATIONS I only have such a small amount of money. As earnings. I don’t understand why you’re doing this. PLEASE HELP ME!

Here are some of my blogs that have been the most visited in these 4 months.

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