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Get beautiful autumn colors in your home for 2020

Good morning my dear friends, and my lovely readers. Today I celebrate my first 3000 views in 15 days. I want to say thank you for your support, and for all that you do for me and my blog. I wish you all best. So, today’s the topic is: Get beautiful autumn colors in your home for 2020. Very interesting name for today’s article.

How you can use fall and earth colors inside your home?

Get beautiful autumn colors
Get beautiful autumn colors

As you can see these colors are great if you have a small room. Why, because we all need these three colors: green, gold, and dark orange.

With these three colors, your place would be amazing and visually large, and we want that.

Pictures is from my dear friends @interiors_dd

Tip 1: In smaller rooms, if you want to visually enlarge your space, do the following. Buy floor-length window curtains and hang them. The room will look like it has a higher ceiling and thus you will gain space.

Tip 2: Use golden rule 60-30-10 Always use three colors, like up here beige color as base this is 60%. 30% is second color, and 10% is color for detail.

Get beautiful autumn colors

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T3: Replace Your Pillows– Believe or not, when I replace my old pillows with the new ones I get a very great living room.

Also what is very free and very easy to change or replace in your room is to paint your table. If you have some pint in the garage, whatever you color have. Just do it, change your style.

T4Also, what you need is great wall color. If you for e.g have “dirty rose” color of chairs, and gold dining room, or gold edge in the dining room. Your wall needs to be beige. I said wall because you need to paint just one wall in the beige color.

Get beautiful autumn colors

T5: Always in your space whatever it is, place flowers some plant. Orchid, Kala flower, they are aesthetically beautiful, but they also purify the space from negative energy and polluted air.

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