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French Provincial Architecture, what it is?

Good afternoon, my dear friend today I’ll write about What is French Provincial Architecture. So it’s very interesting when people want to have some home design just like this architecture.

Although some elements of Provincial architecture have changed over the last several centuries. Today’s French Provincial homes have retained many of the traditional designs and features. Like brick or stone facades, steeply pitched, sloping roofs, and high, arched windows.

The History of this architecture?

French Provincial architecture is a term used to describe the massive manor houses and chateaux homes built by French aristocrats beginning in the 1600s.

Must-Have Elements of Architecture:

  • A Stone or Brick Facade;
  • Symmetry;
  • Steeply Pitched Roof;
  • Simple Yet Elegant Interiors
French Provincial Architecture
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GRATIS: I ll talk about Belgian style for your home design!

In this gratis few paragraphs I’ll talk about these two combinations. Franch style outside, but the inside design you can use Belgian style. Maybe, you just wondering why now Belgian? It’s very interesting, and you will love this great combination.


The key feature of this style is, in fact, that you can combine traditional for example a table that is traditional, and you can combine it with a modern seating set.

In the following picture you can see a combination of modern design and traditional design.

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In the next list, you can find out what exactly is Belgian style.

  • Focus on neutral colors
  • Incorporate natural elements
  • Add plenty of light
  • Get some oversized antique furniture
  • Don’t forget to place some modern elements
  • Put the details in their place

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