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Few Interesting things you didn’t know before buying

Hello to my dear readers, and friends, how are you?! For today I decided to share with you something very, hmm can I say simply?! Yeah, why not say that! This is a topic about few interesting things you didn’t know before buying! You know, that is some great furniture style who you really love but it’s not any more popular. You have that e.g dresser for almost 10 years, and you want something new and interesting. Here you can read some easy and very cheap tips on what you can do with your furniture?!

Which of the 5 interesting trends should you say goodbye to your home or not?

I am sure that in your home, you have at least one item that is more than 5 years old! Is it? You have, I have. Since reading my blog tips, some items have been saved from “decay” and some have been replaced. What I try to get through my blog is that sometimes you can restore objects and turn them into values that can last over 10 years.
Few Interesting things

My first or one hundred first tip would be to take a look at your living room! Yes, you read that right! See what has been in your stay for more than 2 years. That’s right, your coffee table. Well, believe me, maybe at first thought, we would never think that our coffee table is several years old. Because it takes months and years for us to buy it. So start by arranging the table. Choose the color that suits you, only suits you. It may be the brightest color, but it’s important that you like it.

Remember me, that I was the person who had a coffee table that over time from soaking began to be rubbed and peeled. But I didn’t want to change it or throw it in the trash because it’s a sentimentally valuable memory. Then, I came up with the idea, why not repaint that table in a different color, and put another board on it. That’s what I did, and you won’t believe that table in my home has been around for 15 years today.

What is it that every furniture store doesn’t tell you and should tell you?!

You probably have an armchair or sofa in your living room that is a delicate fabric, and you have already screwed it up. Yes, you had a celebration and it happened, that wine or chocolate spilled. Alas, so what to do now! You didn’t get there in time to clean up while it was still fresh and a huge stain remained. That’s a story of yours. But did you know that from the company where you bought the sofa, you have a guarantee on the management of that fabric. Where can you get a 20% lower price to change your fabric ?! You certainly didn’t know that, so now you know. Every piece of furniture you need to know has a WARRANTY, but of course, they don’t tell you that either.

If your home is small, and you simply have no idea how to decorate it. I will advise you to go here and secure yourself up to 2 years of a nicer life, maybe more.

I started a story about a smaller room, yes, it is easier to edit it is your answer! But believe me, smaller rooms, no matter how different they may be, are very difficult to arrange. Sometimes, you can spend both time and money and end up getting nothing. Of course, there are designers but also me to help you save both time and money. All you have to do is choose 3 colors, some style, and I can help you save!

Because remember right now this is now I went the other way from the title. But I had to reveal this to you! It is impossible to just for example; have a warranty on white goods, electronic devices, and sanitation. You must also have a furniture warranty of at least up to 2 years.

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  1. Post je vrlo zanimljiv i hvale vrijedan. Osobno nisam znala da i namjestaj ima garanciju time ovaj post vrijedi procitati
    Bravo Leo na vrlo korisnom savjetu👏

  2. Dragi Leo, obozavam tvoje korisne i zanimljive savete🥰 (to vec znas🤗) a isto tako i svi ostali znaju koliko si vrlo divan i drag❤️

  3. Uvijek zanimljiva tematika kod tebe. Međutim dao bih recimo prijedlog da nam pišeš, kod mene u kući ima dosta Chippendale stilskih garnitura, ručni rad, starih preko više od 100 godina. Bilo bi zanimljivo čuti od eksperta spoj modernog s takvim antikvitetima koji su rađeni komadno. Također bilo bi zanimljivo čuti temu tapaciranje ovako starih predmeta: kakve materijale birati i slično.
    Uvijek uz tvoje objave

    1. Heheheh, ima ima! Samo, trgovina ili saloni to uredno presute! Iz razloga da bi dodatno mi platili ukoliko se nesto osteti.

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