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Feng Shui living room ideas for this summer

Good morning my friends, today I’ll talk more about Feng Shui inside your living room ideas. I know some from my country don’t known but I want to help you to have more positive energy near your house. Because, positive energy is very important for us. For our family and our friends.

Living room good vibes for your home!

In this today article, I m going to write to you something old but it’s also new information about good energy for your living room. For e.g in my living room is very good chi I feel that and it’s important. We all need more positive energy, and positive thoughts.

Feng Shui living room ideas
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If you don’t have more lights in your living room. It’s a reason may be because you don’t have large windows. But you can use a lighter color on the walls and you can use a mirror. Because the mirror has special powers. One of them is if you have a small apartment with a mirror you can get a larger visual space. And it’s amazing. The second thing mirror is a secret window in your house. White or light paint walls with mirrors together do the best things ever.

Down below you can see one of the best Feng Shui living room layout. It’s very important for your living room too has a front of your sofa or couch is a tv on the wall or on the sideboard.

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Third and for me a very important thing is when you have a large living space room please don’t cover at full your floor. Because, in this method or other interior design styles, your floor must breathe. If your floor is cover with carpet at full you can’t have their positive energy enough.

I love it when I see in my client’s house the parquet is “available” and it’s open you can see that amazing bright. This is one way how to get positive energy inside your living room space.

Feng Shui living room ideas
In this picture you can see very huge energy in this space. This purple blanket gives them a huge power.

To optimize feng shui, it’s important to make sure the flow of movement to and around the furniture is accessible and unobstructed. Consider this before splurging on an expensive side table.

Your sofa or couch must be on the wall because the chi is very great with that. Your sofa needs some support. That’s very important to know!

For good and very great energy you must to clearers clutter inside your living space. Because, if you don’t do that. Feng Shui is disappear I mean the good energy disappears.

If feng shui is all about harmony, consider balancing décor materials so that one single material doesn’t overpower everything else in the room. This might mean opting for a variety of textures and finishes.

For example, if you’ve got a lot of metal going on in your living room, soften it up with fluffy pillows and throws, and a house plant or two.

Feng Shui living room

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