Fabulous bedroom trends for a better year

Good morning my dear friends and my dear readers! Today I want to share with you very easy tips and tricks for your bedroom. Also, I want to share some new trends that are just for bedrooms. I know, everyone loves to renovate the living rooms or kitchen area. But, it’s very important to redesign our relaxing room. So, the title is Fabulous bedroom trends for a better year.

Unlike the rest of your home—which is designed with guests and roommates in mind—the bedroom gives your permission to be a little selfish. Plus, over the past few months, your bedroom has been your happy place in the whirlwind, chaotic year.

As you can see for the first part of this today article, the colors are very softly and very dreamy. Yeah, you read right! This year best colors for the bedroom would be: pastel pink, beige- a little darker, grey and (blue-green color combination)

#1: This year, the texture is of great importance. Yes, the texture will play a very important role. The texture can be on the bedding, on the decor, on the wall, curtains. Anywhere, but mostly the focus is to choose some calmer colors because after all, this is where we are more relaxed.

Fabulous bedroom trends

#2: It is very interesting to play with the colors in the bedroom. What is in trend and always will be is the combination of colors: white, pink and gold. You can never go wrong with these colors. Styles ideal for these colors is Shabby Chic, Industrial, and Contemporary style.

Let’s prepare for others tips and tricks

#3: What has come back from earlier years is that people are increasingly re-laying wallpaper on one wall. Especially on a wall that has windows. In addition to looking nice, it protects against so much moisture and you don’t have to paint the walls every year.

Fabulous bedroom trends

#4: Wood tones/unpainted furniturePainted or unpainted bedside tables next to the bed and of course wooden. These are actually some of the trends this year that you can follow, even whether they are colored or not.

#5: As you can see in the following picture, you can literally fix the nightstand to the wall. And so in one design way save space, and beautify your space.

You can also place some decorative tape on the wall above the bed, and place lighting. So you create a relaxed atmosphere, and when you look “from the side” you say: I am a real designer!

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