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Expert advice you need to know before painting a room

Hi my dear friends, today I want to share easy advice from experts! Yes, today I want like I already said share with you some great advice on what you need to know. So, my title will be: “Expert advice you need to know before painting a room“. This is the right advice for every one of you who likes painting rooms, or exterior! So, I am ready to share these tips, just for you!

Which advices is the best for the home that you need to know before painting?!

You spend so much time figuring out the exact perfect color to paint your walls, but what happens once you’ve finally chosen the perfect hue? That can be really tiring! Especially if it is a room such as a living room or bedroom. There used to be if you hadn’t consulted a designer before. It will be really difficult to decide how to paint the room.

#1 Saturate your roller with more paint-It’s best when you’re mixing multiple colors, especially if it’s professional colors. And so you get the perfection that everyone dreams of having at home! This is one of the expert pieces of advice!

#2 Carefully roll the paint roller!In the beginning, when you have decided to change the color, you have to decide on the size and quality of the roller. Because sometimes you will spend the whole day and you will not finish even half the job. That is why my advice, but also the advice of experts, is to choose a better quality roller. For example; the large roller is perfect for textured walls. Only with that roller will you cover everything on that wall.

Save money with these easy tips!

#3 Light pressure for better colorIt is important to know only with light movements of your hand, apply a better texture of paint with a roller. It is very important not to buy heavy rollers, which are expensive. It is better to buy two cheaper and lighter and certainly better quality with which you will paint the whole space in a few strokes.

Tip 1: Save money by using old rollers instead of buying a new one each time. If your roller isn’t 100 percent clean after the last project, use a pair of scissors to snip off the crusty bits. Especially on the ends before sticking it on your frame and starting again.

T2: If you plan to finish tomorrow, or even the day after, wrap your wet paint roller in plastic wrap to keep it out of the air. This tip will help you preserve the freshness of the roller and move on next time without waiting for it to soften.

T3: One way to minimize the hassle is to get rid of any loose fibers on your roller before you get started. You can do this with a lint roller, or even regular packing tape. This tip you can read as expert advice!

#4 Only load brushes up halfwayWhen you have prepared all the materials, my advice is what I personally tried and convinced myself. When you start to dip the roller in the made paint. Be sure to dip it only halfway, because in addition to saving more spills. You will get a better quality texture on the wall.

#5 Also, a similar trick applies to roads for varnishing or painting smaller substrates. And never grind water-based paints from the edges of the box. Already dip half of the brush and start coating with that amount.

Expert advice you need

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    1. Hehhe tako je sad ce biti, jos veca radost kada budes krecila svoj dom 🙂 Nema na cemu, tu sam da pomognem!

    1. Hehehe, bas tako sto si rekao! Uvijek neka praksa tamo vamo, ali za valjak je vazno da se nikad ne osusui.

  2. Savrseno😍👌! Uvek do tancina objasnis sve pojedinosti koje su vise nego korisne i vise nego neophodne, bravo🙌🙌❤️!

    1. Jooooj sad me Ivanaa posted heheheh hvala Ti, pa da malo se trudim da bude detaljnije da bi svi mogli shvatiti!

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    1. Hehehe, moja Anice, ti si mo’ PR definitivno! Pa da narvalo, uvijek je vazno nesto od ranije ponoviti a i tomu dodati nesto novo.

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