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European and American kitchen style for a new renovation

Hello, my dear family today you can learn more about kitchen style. You can choose which of these two is better for a new kitchen to use. So, let’s go with great information. Today you can read about this: European and American kitchen style for a new renovation.

Let’s know more about “the heart of your home”

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It can be command central and the gathering space that is “the heart of your home.” Just like this quote says, a kitchen is a place from which we spread the love with our family and friends. Why is better Europen or why is better American kitchen design.

Some, kitchens in homes are small but also cute. Some are part of the living room. For example, as in smaller apartments. But every kitchen design has “that something” that brings us together.

Start with European kitchen…

European cuisines are more economical, they exude great glamor and splendor. But, as many experts say, “European cuisines are smaller because Europeans only buy as much as they need.” I really disagreed with this statement. I even think we buy more, and we need a lot of space.
European vs. American kitchen

European kitchen cabinets often display a simple, unadorned style, featuring flat surfaces. This is true, who doesn’t love flat surfaces in the kitchen. I love and enjoy every day when I cooking for my family.

What colors are most commonly used by Europeans in kitchens?

  • The gray color is one of the most uses colors in Europe;
  • Pastel colors for e.g: green, pink, blue, yellow, and purple.
  • Here in Europe, for the most part, everyone adores high-gloss kitchens. That’s what everyone compares to.
  • White colors with other colors in combination are also trendy.
  • Black with white is a domino amazing combination.
  • Also, some people order color combination with some pattern.
European and American kitchen design

Now, it’s time about American kitchen design

In the American style, it is most common that in one large room there is a kitchen and dining room. Also, the living room. Not to be outdone, as an interior designer I will shorten and say. That the open concept of space prevails in the American style.

I am a big fan of a large and open space in the home. I love their American I have to say “bulky” spaces with lots of shelves. This is so my style, who doesn’t love huge space, tell me?!

Here is one huge advantage, as far as the open concept is concerned. While you are cooking, preparing lunch or dinner, you have the family together. Or while cooking you talk to the guests, although I would also invite the guests to cook together.

European and American kitchen

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