Easy tips for designing a small space for $250

Good morning my dear friends, I want to share with you very easy tips for designing a small space for $ 250. In my country, it is some 406 KM. Yes, if you have a very small space of 15-20 square meters. So if you need an article like this, read on and use some of my simple tips for doing so. Someone asked me from my wonderful audience, I can’t say a fan because I’m not a celebrity. to write about this very searchable topic, so why not take advantage of some of the following tips.

Let’s learn some easy tips for designing a small space for small budget

I immediately start writing a few simple tips that you can do in this period and for what budget. Trust me a lot of details and a lot you can do for this price in the living room.

#1 Refresh the walls: Since it is a period with a series of warm days, I think it is really a great time to freshen up your space. You know, otherwise, all interior designers recommend bass in this transitional period. The period between spring and summer to start work: painting the walls, leveling the walls, repairing some damage to the walls, etc.

Easy tips for designing

You can pass the price in this period 100-150 marks. In dollars, if you calculated it would be some 95 dollars. Of course, for this square footage. If you yourself have or buy a material color bucket of 25 kg (large bucket).This is the price if you buy the material and it can be bought up to some 80 marks. That is as far as Bosnia is concerned, I am writing for this part. While let’s say outside my country, I’m sure that as far as the price is concerned, it’s at least some 500 euros to make smaller space.

#2 Changing carpets and other accessories. The following is a suggestion of what you can do for this budget if you live in BiH or other countries. Surely you can, from the verified information change the carpet in the room. Add some of the interesting decorations to your space. Take new flowers, new curtains. But, since there are often some discounts in this period, you can do very well in saving money.

Be your master and save money!

Of course, I must mention that if you decide to be a master yourself, then you can do a lot. But you can also equip your space. And the money you have left you can go for coffee, or buy something as a reward.

#3 Be your master: You go to large shopping malls where paints and complete materials are sold. And you can literally get up to -10% on the price if you buy there often. Which at that point can be of great help to you. Also, you can go everywhere like that if you buy more or have discounts on cards. That is why it is very important that you have points cards from such stores. Trust me it can be put to very good use.

#4 Save money on material: If you have in your closets some material that you do not use for a long time and it has a very great pattern on it. Be sure to measure it and you can make a great cover for a corner sofa. Or make a chair cover out of it, you can even decorate vases and pots with this material. Change your pillows, make a change that everyone will envy you for.

Below I will leave you some interesting articles that I wrote about decorating especially for smaller rooms. So this can only be an introductory article and these other articles are specific to the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Just for more ideas, you need to visit this!

#5 Look for an idea: All the editing ideas you can find on my blog just need to click here. On my blog you can find more than 250 ideas for home decoration, which is really for someone in this area of the Balkans. Truly perfect perfection. Please share my content on social media.

For this period, it is suggested that you use these three styles, which will refresh your space. These are mainly: Scandinavian style, Industrial style and Eclectic.

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