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Easy and cool tips & tricks for your new home space

Good morning my dear friends, today I want to share my easy and cool tips and tricks. Of course, it’s for your new home space. When I typing this on my keyboard, my finger goes to the “p” word, and it wants to write hope hehe. It’s so sweet, isn’t it?! So, for the first subheading, I want to write tips for small living room. Then, the bathroom, and other space in your house.

Let’s learn easy tips for living room

#1 The tips and tricks for your living room are so simple that your younger sibling can do it. All you need is a small vase with beautiful roses or some other flowers. The important one should be in some of these colors: silver, pastel green, soft pink. That’s it. With this simple tip, you can get visually very bright spatial decor for your room.

Easy and cool tips
You can use same silver details for your vase. You just reading: Easy and cool tips & tricks for your new home space.

#2 You can use white paint for the walls. And I recommend white walls because you can get a visually larger space than now. You can also decorate one diagonal wall in another color. If you want to have a great eye contrast.

Here is down below a great tricks for high ceilings

This is also the advice of many other designers. If you have the opportunity, you can also put white floor-length curtains that will not only refresh your space. You will get the room to look like it has high ceilings. This is a very great trick.

#3 Also, you can use tricks with pillows. If you have one color base of furniture. For. e.g you have a gray sofa you can use a pillow in these few colors. Green, pink, yellow, beige. Together or 3 to 5 pillows in one of these colors.
Easy and cool tips & tricks

Let’s talk about the bathroom tips and tricks

#4 If you have a small bathroom you just need to do these few changes. My first tip for the bathroom is: You put bright tiles on the wall for a smaller bathroom.

If you have a larger bathroom, my recommendation is this: Dark tiles on the wall, light ones go for the floor. And the fountain must be golden. Brass paint. To get a great luxury bathroom.

Here you can read more tips and tricks about bathroom design:

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#5 If you want to read tips about the hallway you can read here! But I want to share with you very easy tips and tricks for the hallway. Only what do you need is a one-wall mirror in your hallway and light colors. Bonus: you need LED lights and that’s it.

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