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Do you want to know one cool detail for your new room?

Hi, it’s me … there’s one song with that lyrics. I love that song, so today I want to present: Do you want to know one cool detail for your new room? Want to hear what detail it is ?! Yes, take your pen and paper because we are just getting started.

What is a mood board and what do you need to know more?

The mood board is a visual tool that communicates our concepts and visual ideas. It is a well thought out and planned arrangement of pictures, materials. It serves us that before we start renovating the room, we know exactly what we need. But also what is interesting about what that space will look like in combination.

Here is some sample how look like mood board for living room.

Do you want to know
Picture from:

I must state that there are two types of mood boards:

  • The first type: on one board you stack various pictures that you previously circulated from a magazine. Or printed from a computer.
  • Second type: go to the home furnishing store and take only samples of some materials and arrange them. In this way, you fit in and you can feel under your arm what kind of materials it is.
This is the first type
This is the second type, and this picture I am use from:

When you have a mood board then everything is easier for you. You don’t have that feeling if you change your mind about the color of the laminate or tiles in the bathroom.

Why Do We Use A Moodboard?

  • To give us a process to build a clear design story that we want to use in the space.
  • Using a mood board helps you to express the vision you have in mind for the project.
  • A mood board is a very efficient visual communication tool.
  • It will help you collate and focus your ideas, and help to define the project.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just when you want to renovate a room in your home. You can even make a mood board for a clothing combination or anything else.

What I have to emphasize is that you can always create this practical and interesting board. You don’t need any additional income for it, just imagination and color matching. That’s it, be creative, and let me know how you created your board.

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