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Design your small living room in a very comfortable place

Good morning my dear friends, how are you? This morning and today I’ll write about how to design your small living room in a very comfortable place for a living?! Sounds great, and interesting! So let’s go only what you need is a blank piece of paper and pen 🙂

What do you need for a comfortable place?

For this amazing title and thing, you need the next thing…Hey, wait! It looks how I write when I want to share with you some great and tasty recipes for great cookies hehe. Maybe it is a recipe but today for great and a comfortable small living room!

Design your small living room
Pictures is from @interiors_dd

As you can see in the previous picture when you combine colors no matter how much space you have you can increase it by a few more visual squares.

Just a few days ago I wrote about this style you see here. It is a coastal style of home decoration. Why do I say that from the beginning and how did I notice it?!

You see, to fascinate someone you have to learn something more about it first. Regardless of whether it was a home design, or something else.

Probably the designer got a hint from the owners of this beautiful apartment to adore the coast and the sea. And it is in the coastal style that the following colors dominate: Red, White, Blue. These colors are great and have a very inspiring effect when they are in space together.

Design your small living room

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Tip number 1: When you have such a small room and you just don’t know how to make a small room much bigger with the help of a “magic wand”. Then you apply the following design styles that I am 99% sure will visually enlarge your home or a particular room. These are:

These four styles are best for your smaller rooms. When you have a small room with some of these four styles you get a very large visual room.

For a comfortable space next to these three colors that I have already mentioned, be sure to click on the style links from the list above and be sure to copy what you want and apply in your home.

T2: Always remember this second tip. That is: if you have a smaller room, here is, for example, a living room with an area of 14 square meters up to 20 square meters.

Use “soft” or light colors in combination with a slightly darker color. That will be found only on details such as important for flowers, lamps, curtains and more.

Design your small living room

T3: As you can see the kitchen elements are done from light blue to the lightest lilac color. There are of course gold details on the legs of the chair.

Trick 1: You can often hear on television or on the Internet that many designers when decorating a kitchen, choose one of the clients to choose decorative pre glass thick glass instead of wall tiles and stick it on the wall in the kitchen.

Picture from

As you can see in the picture above, some opt for the kitchen hood. During each cooking, the steam coming out of the pan or other utensil goes first to the wall and then to the hood.

This wall gets wet over time and becomes yellow and looks very ugly. Of course, in order for this not to happen, some people opt for colored tiles or glass that has an interesting design.

Design your small living room

Trick 2: In this part, I would not agree with the designer who made the transparent door. Into which we look from the living room into the bedroom. My advice and trick of what I would do is the following.

I would leave this sliding door mechanism because I like the idea and concept. But he would put on blue glasses. Of course, I mean the glass that faces the mirror on the outside. While on the inside you can look normally into the living room or where the bedroom is.

Design your small living room

Here you see, the designer has opted for screens that fit when someone is in the bedroom. And it’s quite a great and much cheaper version of something I wrote. But most don’t let it confuse you because we all have different ideas.

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I love it when I share some of my ideas with you. I know what is from the designer’s side better for you. But it’s ok if someone doesn’t have enough money this is it.

Design your small living room

A very interesting design of a small hallway. Congratulations, but as a designer, I would recommend lighter colors in the hallway, or if not then put a picture on the wall that is in similar or the same color tones as the colors in the apartment.

Yeah, that’s it. Great place for a picture on the wall, only the colors are “livelier”.


In today’s topic you can find out the following:

  • How to arrange a small space to look visually larger;
  • What colors to apply in the space;
  • 4 best styles for decorating smaller rooms;
  • The ideal solution against moisture on the wall.

If you have an idea of what you would like to read in the new blog, contact me at the already known email or on my Instagram @inwithleo

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