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Design your small flat in three best colors this autumn

Good morning my dear friends. How are you?! Today I decided to write about the best three colors for your flat. You can find if you type Design your small flat in three colors.

Three colors are the best for your home?

Down below you can see just the first one picture about what I write for you. And what you can expect to get better inspiration.

Design your small flat
Pictures is from @interiors_dd

Let’s start with the first colors who dominate here it’s beige. You know I already wrote about a beige color.

Beige is considered to be the light-brown color with a soft crème tincture. This is a sort of classic pattern for the interior decoration.

The second one colors are soft or light roses. I love this color, and I always say for this color it’s a baby pink.

This baby rose or pink color is ballet slipper color. This color is totally sensitive’s and it’s great for kitchen chairs or pillows on the sofas. This great color is for people who are artists and hard workers.

Design your small flat

If you want to find this color inside any programs as photoshop as an illustrator or other software you need to type #ffbfcd.

Design your small flat

Be free and click here. Here is my search box and find something great for you.

Design your small flat
Design your small flat

Like you see in these designs you just have three colors who are dominant here on these pictures. I know, someone of you remembers how many times I write in the text about 60-30-10. This is very important, you need this golden rule.

It’s mint green colors. These are the best colors if you have just like this small apartment without 2 or more windows.

Picture from @interiors_dd

Mint color is spring color and like I already said it’s great if you have a small apartment or it’s better to say if you have a studio. Very easy, and very sensitive colors.

Also, inside this flat house a grey color, white and gold.

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