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Design your living room with new Japandi style in 2021

Good morning my dear friends and everyone who first time read my blog posts. I want to say welcome on my page and feel free like in your own web site. Want to say thank you guys cause I get great views and great comments. For today I want to learn something old but new style. My topic for today is to design your living room with a new Japandi style in 2021. Hey, it’s totally great and very simple. Let’s get a start.

What is Japandi? As these shortcuts or?!

Hey, Japan-style is a combination of two styles. You know I already write about Scandinavian. If you are the first time on my page for the Scandinavian style click here.

Look at know, a designer from all the world combine Japan-style which is recognized in style with dark lines/edges and simple design. But, the Scandinavian style is with wood and classic style. So because if you want to combine why we don’t match these two styles in one and get the name Japandi. I love this name and sounds so new and useful.

This fusion creates the perfect blend of function and form, focusing on clean lines, bright spaces, and light colors. This is best described if you need something authentic and simple. But on the other side to have a great message for everyone who comes to your house.

How to design your living room in Japandi style?

The perfect fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian, Japandi design focuses on simplistic, minimalistic designs that are aesthetically pleasing but rooted in function. If you don’t know what is your style or you don’t know what to choose from furniture for your home. Try with this than upgrade your home. If you are free to style a person this is for you.

Can we use other colors in this style? Why not, colors is our life. You can use pastel colors. Because pastel colors relax your mind and you feel like you charging new energy inside yourself. I know it sounds great but in some way. But, this is what you need. If you like wood texture and lines this is so you.

Design your living room

Like I said already you can mix pastel colors with blue tones and beige. Because, Scandinavian style is recognized in royal blue, gray, beige, and pastel green. I recommend this style combination to use in the living room and dining room. It’s a combination of three: Earth tones, Sky, and Water.

Which one is earth tones: it’s green, brown, beige, and black and white. The sky is blue, white. Water: royal blue as the sea, ice cube grey.

Here down below you can see three examples about color combination just for this style.

Pastel colors ideal for Japandi style.
This is so great combination for your dining room.
Design your living room
Ideal if you living room.
Example for dining room.

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