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Design your home with Brass style to look amazing

Hello my dear friends, how are you ?! Today, you can learn about the very interesting interior style. Guess what’s in trend again? I am ready to bring you closer to this style that you will use more than the other style you have used so far. My topic today is: Design your home in Brass style to make your home look amazing! Let’s find out more about this amazing style.

What is Brass style, let’s find more…

In recent years, metallic finishes have come more into style for interior design, and believe it or not, brass is popular again as a home decorating choice. Its warm sheen can make a room seem livelier and, at the same time, mellow and cozy.

Brass style is a style that you will adore. Do you remember when I wrote to you about the Art Deco style?! Yes, well, that’s exactly what Art Deco has created thanks to these beautiful golden brass lines on the furniture.

If you are planning to renovate your home before spring this year or in two months. My recommendation would be to bring this luxury detail into your home as well.

Design your home with Brass

This style, or more detail, I would call it. In fact, it is most deserving if you have decided to give your space a little luxury. Yes, of course it doesn’t have to be just on sitting furniture this brass detail. You can apply it in literally any space and anywhere.

As you can see in this photo, there are no brass gold details. This room would lose that luxurious wow effect. Of course, all this can be found at much better prices.

Brass actually gives that specialness that sets you apart from the space. And usually to be used in rooms that are of great importance. Of course, there is always the option to buy a spray and paint your metal details in smooth gold color. Where you will turn your home into the luxury home we all deserve.


  • Light fixtures and lamps;
  • Occasional tables;
  • Picture and mirror frames;
  • Plumbing fixtures and drawer handles;
  • Trays and chargers.
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I love this mirror in brass gold color, this is what I want in my hallway.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which makes it very strong, and it won’t rust! The actual color of brass is similar to gold, so brass used in non-metallic surfaces such as fabrics often looks the same as gold. As you can watch down on this video, Brass is MUST HAVE in every room!

Incredible design and colors, this is the life! This video is from: kinseywalsh.com


The colors that are magical for any space are of course the colors you most often read about on my blog. So the following group of colors applies to brass, which is ideally paired with this metal.

This photography is from my dear design brand: @delightfull

Brass pairs well with lots of colors, including cream, white, gray, brown, forest green, Indian red, and almost any shade of blue. 

What I would especially like to mention is that the most ideal combination with brass is emerald. Of course, I mean emerald color. The best combination, which goes with the golden color of brass, is of course beige and pink.

These two colors go best in combination with brass. Of course, it is important to list the styles that are ideal for this style and that you can read on my blog.

Now, you can read here about few ideal styles:

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