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Design your home in vintage color in this year

Hello, my dear friends, what’s up too you? I am great today, so because I m great I’ll write about it very interesting and you know a very popular topic today. So as you see my topic is: ” Vintage color style design for your home in 2021″ I know it’s maybe too early write for 2021 but this style will live forever. And if you live and love colors this is for you. Why wait, let’s start!

What Is Vintage Design?

When you’re asked to give a design or image a ‘vintage’ look, what does that actually mean? ‘Vintage’ encompasses a whole range of styles, which span decades and design genres. In this quick guide, I’ll walk you through some of the most popular vintage design styles so you can recreate an old-fashioned look with more authenticity and attention to detail.

Here is some of pictures how you can for example use for your living room.

Design your home in vintage
This few pictures it will be from this profile @cloud_nine_interiors

This is a very great design with these colors. Hey, I know if you remember what I told you for the gold designer rule. Three colors design 60-30-10 here it’s not important. If you love colors, if you live all these colors this is so you.

Design your home in vintage style

On this post I’ll present amazing living room from my friend Leila from Sarajevo, she share with me her living room and dining room design. You ‘ll see this paradise for eyes.

https://www.instagram.com/leilaalihodzic/ follow here :D
Design your home in vintage style

But look at her dining room design ;D OMG this is wonderful.

This is my friend Leila design she have very similar dining room as this one.

What Is Retro vs. Vintage Style?

The retro vs. vintage style distinction can seem a little vague, but in short, a vintage-style illustration might appear more truly ‘vintage’. If it imitates the style of older periods, such as the 1930s or 1940s, while the same vintage style illustration can have a more retro style design.

Design your home in vintage

If you want to read more about these great posts and tips please let me know down below in comment I’ll update. This or I’ll write the second part of the vintage style. Click here and enjoy it. There I’ll add you a few tips on how you can for easy peasy get more furniture and what do you need 😀 Also, I’ll interview my friends Leila to meet her and her taste for interior design. That would be awesome guys.

Design your home in vintage
This is something from my living room for you as gift 😀

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