Design your home in three best colors in 2020

Good morning my friends, how are you? I’m very great, so for today’s article, I’ll write about how to design your home in three best colors. It’s possible and it’s very great. I’ll write about these three colors tones: turquoise, white and cappuccino colors. If you love cappuccino this article it’s just for you. Enjoy and let’s start.

Cappuccino is my favorite drink but it’s also my favorite color for rooms!

Design your home in three best colors
Design your home in three best colors

Then we have a small kitchen that goes L-shaped inside it is a dining room. In the extension, there is a sofa which is a separate part of the living room and of course, there is a balcony.

Now that you’ve got the first picture of what this apartment actually looks like, that’s where I act as a designer. You know, not all designers have the same thinking, so sometimes.

I don’t share the same opinion with my colleagues, but I suggest a small, small change that is of great importance. So my fellow designers say every honor we didn’t see that small but big failure again.

All pictures is from @interiors_dd

Tip 1: As you can see, there is a wallpaper set up at the entrance that looks like bricks. For example, I would change it and leave it in white, where I would just emphasize, since the front door is brown, that the entrance is there. Everything else is fine with me. And I love this idea 🙂

T2: If you look like big corridors at first, but they are quite short, I have great advice on how to make them long enough even though they are not as you can see from the picture.

The designer did this very well, he put in the wall lamps that were built. Into the wall and thus got a visual extension of the ceiling. Now when you look at it, you assume it’s a huge hallway. This is our design trick.

T3: The following corridor image looks like a work of art on its own. The first-floor tiles marble but modern in design which is a huge plus when you have smaller hallways.

Also, if you put artwork in your hallway just like it was put here you are totally refreshing your space. And it gives everyone who would otherwise beg to stay for a few minutes and get some special inspiration.

Design your home in three best colors
Design your home in three best colors

Now we come to the kitchen elements since this is a small kitchen and I believe the designer wanted to put it either in white or in turquoise. But given the 60-30-10 rule it left it gray.

Why? Because then it would be brash and not dignified or transparent. Here, with complete safety, I can say that it is a combination of two styles, namely Scandinavian style and Belgian style.

T4: Scandinavian style is a style in which white is one of the main colors. And in this style, in most cases, there are white walls. In my opinion, this style is the best for such spaces, because it gives the designer and later the owner the opportunity to enjoy and set details in colors.

T5: While Belgian style is something special, it is unique and often occurs in combination with Modern style and Scandinavian. In Belgian style, wood is most prevalent.

Wood is a trademark of Belgian style. Also, designed wood and traditional design are one of the foundations of its recognition.

If you want to learn more about Belgian style just click here, and if you want to know more about the Scandinavian style click here.

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