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Design your flat on the easiest way in September

Good morning my dear friends, my dear readers! Today I’ll write about in the last 3 months very often question what I get from you my dears. So, In this article, I’ll talk about how you can on the easiest way to design your flat in the easiest way. With a great budget on your way.

How you can recognize some styles?

It’s very important to know which part of the furniture is from which style. I know some of you don’t matter which furniture you have in your for e.g living room. Some of us, I said I have to mix of furniture in my guest room.

But, on google you can’t find exactly what I will post here for you. You can find separately posts about some styles or some furniture. But, in the next paragraphs, I ‘ll teach you how you can recognize some styles. So, let’s start.

  • Minimalistic style2 colors to recognize ( grey and other pastel colors)
  • Traditional styleMore furniture made from wood;
  • Belgian styleCombination wood and modern style;
  • BohoArtistic design, hand made furniture or chairs;
  • Modern styleModern furniture as club table, modern details and accessories for your room, kitchen with high shadows;
  • Classic styleMetal chair frame and wood table;

These six styles you can find everywhere in the furniture store and now you can recognize them and combine 2 or 3 styles in your flat.

Design your flat on the easiest way
Picture from @interiors_dd
Design your flat on the easiest way

How to buy furniture for less price?

I know every one of us wants to spend less money and time to find great and interesting furniture for the home. But, did you know this interesting and very cheap effect?! When you buy on the garage sales some tables or some furniture a paid that for e.g less than $ 500 you can for free or for $10 re-design that part of the furniture. Use some wood color and paint your furniture add some details ( if you want) and now you get very unique furniture.

But, you always get some different solution to order or go to IKEA and buy some great tables, or couch for your living room or dining room. But people I know what is when you save your money to buy some toys or clothes for your kids. Then you go to garage sales and buy some furniture for your house.

Design your flat on the easiest way

How to choose write paint colors for your flat?

Some very easiest way is go to the store choose the colors and paint your room. Without any ideas. Am I right? Yes, I know I am. So, What do you really need to do when you have plan to paint your room?

How and what do you need to prepare yourself for paint renovation:

  • You need an idea (what do you need exactly for your room or flat)
  • When you decided what you really need, now how much do I need to buy?!
  • Always you need more money if you want to paint your walls, why because some walls need extra attention to remove unevenness on the wall;
  • Choose the color, if you have a small flat or rooms choose light colors. But if you have a larger flat choose combination 50% lighter and 50% darker colors. If you want to get this wow effect and have an interesting design;
  • Need foil for your furniture to cover them, after uncovering foil you have enough time to clean some little paint drops.
  • IMPORTANT: You need to open all your windows when you paint your walls.
Design your flat on the easiest way
This is great way to get some example picture how you can design easy your room.

Also, if you want to learn more about what I already write here. Be free and click here to find what you really need.

If you have an idea of what you would like to read in the new blog, contact me at the already known email or on my Instagram @inwithleo or you can visit my personal account and ask me more @mr.leohodzic


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