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Design your dining room to look luxury more than others

Good morning my friends today, I want to share with you my ideal dining room. Yeah, and I want to share my idea of how I want to redesign my own dining room. In today, 3D modeling I’ll present two styles in one, which would be mid-century and modern luxury styles. Yeah, but in my real dining room is a traditional style with modern. So, I hope so my Idea will be this summer here. So, my topic is how to design your dining room to look luxurious more than others! If you are already, let’s start with my dream dining room.

How to design a dining room to look luxury more than others

This is how look like my dining room now, but I want to make my dream live, so I decided to makeover this.

Design your dining room
Design your dining room

So I was thinking of making a mirror here in my dining room where there is a blank wall, and I know where to find it with decorations. But before all that stuff, I would refresh these walls with cappuccino paint. I have a small dining room of some 10 to 12 m2, so the cappuccino color will create that warmth.

Before I show you the rest of the dining room, I want to show you I plan to make an arch instead of the door where they are now. By the way, as you look at the passage I plan to make, you also see a part of the living room.

Of course, there is a piano in this view of the dining room. Hehhe of course I don’t really have a piano, but I’ve always wanted to have one. Somehow it really draws on luxury, but then I don’t know how to play, so maybe it’s as small as an ornament.

As I wrote at the beginning, I have a Scandinavian, traditional and modern style. But somehow I would have preferred that mid-century with these art deco details. I have always been attracted to this style in the sense that when I open a magazine it has something special.

Design your dining room

Because of the space I chose these wonderful colors and these are: cappuccino for the color of the walls, gray, gold and the colors in the pictures you will see the mucus to open the space.

Design your dining room
Later or later here I changed the carpet because somehow more floral fits. While this dark one would answer that it is a larger dining room.

What to do next…

While I painted this striking wall in a darker shade of cappuccino and set the gold details. Of course, all with a limit, because in such rooms you should not exaggerate or add anything else. Of course, I put the curtain a little darker in the program, but otherwise lighter curtains are ideal for this space.

Design your dining room
See what I’m talking about, I’m sure you’ll like the idea, if you want in your home, get in touch

You can always surprise your room with some details such as vases, flowers, pictures on the wall, floor lamps, etc. If you want to see how I redecorated my dining room compared to what it was like when I bought the apartment, you can click here.

Design your dining room

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