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Design home with animal patter decor in 2020

Good morning, my friends! Today, I decided to write about: “How to design home with animal print decor“. I know I never write before today about this very interesting topic. So, because I m not writing about this great pattern look, now it’s a great time to explain some things. I just look up people doing a course on this topic and its wonderful.

What is animal print decor?

Animal patterns are a trend and it’s not only in cloting. Any pattern that captures your fancy can serve as the basis for a foolproof decorating scheme. Africa Chic, represented by animal prints and ethnic patterns, are nowadays one of the biggest trends in interior design over the following seasons.

A most patter is leopard and zebra print designs. You can seen it’s patter on pillows, ottomans, rugs and lamps. Also, if you love Art Deco this is so great for combine with one or two examples.
Design home with animal print

As you can seen on this second pictures you have arabic ottoman in white colors. And this is so great 😀 This patter you can use in every interior style.

Experiment with style and color

Because there are so many different styles of animal print, I often select it toward the end of a design scheme to fill in any holes. If I’ve selected a large-scale floral and a wide-striped rug, I might select a small-scale leopard or cheetah print for balance. Likewise, if I am using mostly solids on fabrics and walls, I might add a cowhide rug or large-scale zebra stripe on a chair.

I recommend you to use one patter decor inside your house. Because more of the two is chic. And it’s not great. That’s my thing. I prefer the minimalistic and Scandinavian style. And with one patter pillow like I already said to you.

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